Sex shops as an element of culture

Through a search engine, I found a whole only 5 virtual sex shops. Admin some of them,, says that their store appeared in 2001 first. And from since yavna trend implementation grow. During Christmas prazdnichkom — especially:
"It’s natural … People want to make gifts to friends, family … And try to be unique — something is found not so, as usual …"
But, despite this, my interlocutor believes that Belarusians still far to the perception of sex shops as normal.
Admin: "Well, for our people, I think it’s likely, just attaching only to this area. Here it too far to the European habits. Even statistically, if you look, then every second European lady, for example, has vibrator. In our reality such figures, of course, far away … "
Chief seksolyag Minsk city center seksalyagichnaga Khimki Oleg examines people’s need for sex-products from their own point of view Professor:
"Nothing human is alien to us … To each his own. Yes, in the end, the lonely people. And what is sold in sex shops, solves many of the issues addressed me … traders like these web sites … And I was interested in whether there is a need them. I can answer: yes. There are categories of people who need it … "
What to sell in sex shops — check with the Ministry of Culture
Few years ago a special commission of the Ministry of Culture expressed the wish that the attributes sado-masochistic sex culture is not present in the virtual sex shops in Belarus, told admin
"There is a Commission to prevent the spread of porn under the Ministry of Culture. It determines that there is erotica, and that — pornography. And if we coordinate with them collections of products, there were images of sadomasochistic … They were shown pictures of that person who has no theme, maybe it was hard to realize. Well, they spoke, they do not need, so this was … "
Seksolyag Khimki Oleg believes that sado-masochistic attributes as part of a personal intimate life — a common phenomenon.
Khimki: "As in every country, we also have people that have certain personal inclinations. If they do not violate social norms, doing sadomasochism, if this does not suffer from their health — physical and spiritual, if sadomasochism suits them — why not? "
Handcuffs as a sign of love

Admin web site adult toys shows that, actually speaking, attributes sadomasochistic enjoying very feeble enthusiasm.
"In the 7 years of our existence very occasionally someone interested attributes sadomasochistic … Well, from time to time ask the handcuffs, or any gossip such — rather weak …"
Another thing for which receive these items. My companion, a member of the 1st Minsk banks Paul states that handcuffs acquired in addition to the ring, which gave the girl an engagement:
"I’m in the last year on Valentine’s day acquired for their own girls handcuffs. But it was a joke itself. Them We actually speaking, and did not get. General products in sex shops — was joking … and even my personal life, intimate even more so, not the subject of dispute for the Ministry of Culture. The country has more pressing problems. "
Why specifically the Ministry of Culture determines that sell sex-shops, and is not aware of the admin of this web site:
"We are time coupled with the country’s main seksolyagam Kapustin raised the question of why the Ministry of Culture should specifically identify it, and not the Ministry of Health. In globally such products are distributed through pharmacies in including … Of course, the caveat here hygiene even more important than cultural. "
Adam Globe: "I would have wished that my books are sold in sex shops"
Adam Globus, known publisher, painter and writer, creator of the acclaimed books "Damavikamerona" and "not only reads my mom," believes that the true high-level Belarusian sex shopam still far away. But their future will soon become a reality. Then, says Adam Globe:
"I would have wished that sex shops selling my books … Honestly.’s When came in Italian — there Bakkachcha sold sold tales" Tyscha and one night "… And I personally my books in sex shops see … My books, my pictures … I would — with pleasure … "

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