Shares a day of solidarity

Specifically These days are in youth activists session began. Most of them are trained at the European Humanities Institute in Vilnius, also in Poland and Ukraine.
The basic amount protesters a day of solidarity — are young people.
In Zhodino Borisov Saligorsk and Mozyr also held solidarity actions.
In Navagrudak police detained nine people. Three of them — minors. Their videotaped, took leaflets and portraits of political prisoners. All the detainees were released later.
Soligorsk, Zhodino, Borisov, Mozyr youth unglued in crowded places portraits of political prisoners.
Soligorsk on Lenin Square lit candles.
In Minsk at the Head Post Office buildings and in district Uruchcha Short-held shares
Members — Members nazaregistravanay organization Young Front.
In subway stations pasted portraits of political prisoners. Employees linear Police Department promptly removed portraits.
None 1st Protester failed to apprehend.

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