Shklou colony of freed Dmitry Dashkevich

Dashkevich phoned friends of Shklow mail and said that it was released early by the court.
This journalist said "Nasha Niva"Doroshkevich.
"Dmitry said that he was going to go by train from Shklow in Orsha, and from there to get to Minsk. We plan to go to Orsha on the car to meet him at the station. More while no disk imaging is not" — said "Freedom" Doroshkevich.
Dmitry Dashkevich ancestors learned of the release offspring after calling the correspondent of "Freedom." "Uterus Bosca What a satisfaction! Glory, pick up!" — Said mom Olga political prisoner Dashkevich. Father Dmitry Vyacheslav said that did not exclude the premature release. "In a day or returned parcel we sent him. Return it without circumstances. We consider that this may be something indescribable. And here at last!"
Recall favorite "Junior Front"Dashkevich was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for his role in an unregistered organization. This period came on March 15th. Clear prerequisites premature release Dmitry Dashkevich until unidentified.

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