Slide: against nuclear power collected 200 signatures

By Goretskogo journalist Edward Brokareva activists had stop collecting signatures at the celebration of Christmas and New Year. Now collecting signatures recover and continue once a week will conclude the campaign.
"Yesterday, at a meeting of the coalition Gorki Democratic Forces we did antinuclear group. She will coordinate the actions of the local community in a non-violent resistance to the construction of nuclear power plants in Gorki district. Also will search for like-minded people in other areas of Mogilev. Manage group elected Protestant pastor Gorki informal association "Freedom in the Lord" Peter Malanachkin said "Freedom" Edward Brokarau.
Gorecki activists plan to gather signatures in 2000, and later send them to the President, the Prime Minister, the Parliament and the executive committee in Gorki.
One of the possible sites of the NPP construction is near the village of Gorki district Kukshinovo, 15 kilometers from Gourock, 50 — from Mogilev and 30 kilometers from the Belarusian-Russian border.
According to official reports, want to build nuclear power plants already in This year.

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