Slovenia or settle the problem of Kosovo?

January 1 Former Yugoslav Republic of Slovenia as the first of 10 post-communist EU Member States Portugal has taken over the rotating six-month EU starshynyavanne. Within 6 months, it should support the measured rate policy of the European Union, but for all this to solve the current difficulties.
Unlike Portugal, which also achieved the goal set in front of him to sign a new contract of the European Union, something like the Constitution, Slovenia is considered the main problem debt settlement Kosovo.
"I hope that during our starshynyavannya in the European Union, we can make a meaningful contribution to the resolution of Kosovo prepyadstviya. In the light of what has happened in recent months, we realize that Slovenia must control a complex process and I hope that we will bring them to end during our starshynyavannya "said Minister Foreign Affairs Dimitrij Rupel of Slovenia. "This will be our contribution to the stabilization of the area of Europe, which is very touched action end of the XX century."
Kosovo President Fatmir Sage called Rupelya personally biased in solving problems of Kosovo. The European Union considers that Kosovo’s independence — it is only a matter of time, but want this transition to independence under international supervision occurred. There is also a fear that the example of Kosovo shall develop separatist regions, Abkhazia and Transnistria.
Focus on Kosovo dilemma naturally divert attention from other problems of the European Union, namely — from European Neighbourhood Policy, which limited economic cooperation and the promotion of human contacts. Slovenia lead in Ukraine summit, dedicated to the "Black Sea synergii" also open the meeting in June, which will result in a strategic contract with the Central Asian countries.
In addition, Slovenia’s EU presidency will be marked by 2-global problems: weather and power configurations. Under the control of the European Union Ljubljana is a energetically affect international society with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Perhaps in the next six months the EU has officially approved the construction of a gas pipeline "Nabucco" by which Caspian gas will be delivered to Europe. Slovenia will be the next task tracking immigration processes within the European Union announced on this year "Year of intercultural dialogue."

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