Smoking is no longer a place in the French cafe

At the moment these European countries joined to Ireland, Italy and England, who forbade smoking in cafes and restaurants Last year.
In France Last year in February it was forbidden to smoke in all public places, now turn came to restaurants and bistros. Administration must be allocate separate smoking areas with expensive ventilation equipment, and if it means no, guests have to go smoke outside. The new law provides for penalties for its violation: fine smokers — 68 euros, and the owner of a cafe or restaurant — 135 euros.
France, where almost a third of the smoking population — one of the favorites in the number of smokers in the midst of Europe. Once the traditional look bohemian France — Paris species Camus and Sartre, Picasso and Modigliani, cafe "Flora" in the clubs of cigarette smoke — all this came to an end.
With On the other hand, according to polls, 80% of Europeans favor a ban on smoking in public places. According to the Italian Ministry of Health, for 10 months from the start of the ban of smoking in the country threw half a million Italians.
But those who did not lose this habit harm remains to sigh about the old times and smoking on the street or drinking coffee with a cigarette at home.

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