Solidarity day: 10 people arrested

Two fighters SWAT officers who were on duty as usual for the protection of public order, not zdaleli detain them — the young skates and ice is very slippery, because the ice thawed a little. According to the organizers, this event — a typical response to share BRYU: when they rode with a "Belarusian Republican Youth Union", then "Young Front"Decided — why not ride with posters" Freedom to political prisoners "?
It should be noted that passersby and young people on a skating rink very positive response to this action. Activists said they did not wait until the paddy send them, and after a couple of minutes gone.
Meanwhile at the rink near the Sports Palace in Nyamiha commandos detained activists "Young Front" Catherine Krasnov Catherine Galicia and Lyudmila Atakulava that there were going to spend this same share, and October Square. Female detainees were taken to the Central police station, where later brought another 3 guys detainees, families which is presently vysvyatlyayutstsa. So makarom, total number of detainees is 10 people.
As usual, now in the 20th hour of youth and public figures come to the Monastery of Bernardine, but due to the designated detention those who participated in equities business now decided not to come, because protesters solidarity, they said, enough without them.

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