Soligorsk: police detained the Young

"If entrepreneurs actually dispersed, police detained a group Young people, which previously were holding candles and portraits of political prisoners — said, "Freedom"public activist Ilya Tsatsura.
Correspondent of the "Liberty" was also able to contact Ilya Shiloh. He is being held at the moment in the building Soligorsky police department.
"After the action, businessmen, police detained the Young — me, Ivan Shyla, Christina Samoilov, Alexei Volobueva, Andrew Tychyna, Gregory Astapenyu and a lady whose name I do not know yet. During the arrest, police used force, namely, I knocked his head against the wall .. . "- said Ilya Shiloh.
Soligorsky duty police department confirmed the detention of youth. Tags: entrepreneurs, detention, youth, awl, Soligorsk

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