Solo exhibition in Paris Chaim Soutine

The exhibition of about 80 paintings. A small part of them came to the exhibition of internationally recognized art museums. Most of the unknown to the general public, as is the personal property of the land of the rising sun collectors, Switzerland, Germany, France, USA. How to write art commentators, the possibility that soon these works again gather under one roof — a little.
Soutine exhibition opened in November. But there is a large influx of visitors in these days of Christmas. Parisian art gallery Pinacoteca is adjacent to the famous deli Fauchon. Buying champagne so called the temple of gastronomy, Parisians and tourists numerous, and drop into this temple of art.
Legends about the origin

By Peter Kropmansa, columnists Swiss Neue Zuercher Zeitung, many guests exposure that every day move in a three-level maze exhibition acquainted not only with nervous in ekspresiyanistsku gipertrafavanym world Chaim Soutine, but with an unusual biography for this artist. It is presented in various prospectuses, brochures and billboards exposure. So many fans of creativity Soutine for the first time will find out about the Belarusian-Jewish descent artist. And not about the Lithuanian-Russian-Jewish or Jewish, as is written in the West before.
Indeed, in Russia Chaim Soutine never lived. He was born 115 years ago Smilovichi in the town near Minsk, in a poor family tailor. Trained on the artist began in the age of 14 in Minsk, 17 years later came to Vilnius. In the local community yudaistskim saw young talent and recommended him to go to learn more, the cultural capital of the world — Paris.
In 1913, Chaim Soutine was at Montparnasse. Incidentally, in one of his fellow — Marc Chagall from Vitebsk Pinkhus Flint from Vilnius, Isaac Kikoin of Kovno. In the memoirs of contemporaries Soutine looked very weird person. Until the end of his life he read in French with a strong small-town accent. Outside was like klyashara often wore old overcoat on his naked body. Soutine neighbors constantly complained about him to the police: a painter in his own apartment stockpiled almost rotten meat, because it has been a constant theme of his naturmortav. Because of the crazy temper Soutine left Artist’s Model and friends.
Soutine and Modigliani
In fact, his only friend was Amedeo Modigliani. They met in 1915 and immediately became friends. Modigliani painted four portraits Soutine Soutine, nor 1st Modigliani. After the death of a friend, Soutine becomes very withdrawn and lonely. During the German occupation of France, he is hiding from the Nazis in Normandy. Here he is abusing a cheap dry wine, with the result that he aggravated a stomach ulcer. In 1943 the painter dies of peretonit.

Modigliani: Portrait of Chaim Soutine, 1915

On present day left no letters or diaries, and even a photo of the artist. As the chief curator of the exhibition today Soutine Mark Rastelini, its decision to organize the exhibition of the artist he took thanks to one of four portraits of Modigliani Soutine. "This portrait unlocks the unearthly power Soutine. Modigliani It felt simultaneously and one hundred percent" — says Mark Rastelini.
Vice-Rector of the Belarusian Academy of Arts Misha Borozna belongs to those who first began 90 Soutine promote creativity in the homeland of the artist — in Belarus:
"Soutine — one of the pioneers of Expressionism kalyarystychnaga on a European scale and is one of the favorites This process, — Misha says Borozna. — 15 years backwards I participated in the development at BT transfer it. Belarus middle of professionals interested in art, painting, he has been known since the mid-60s, and in the midst of a wide range of art lovers — here and there about 15 years less. Fame came in connection with publications and television programm about his fate, Smilovichi — a place where he was born. By the way, when I’m in this city, its inhabitants could tell a short biography of the artist. "
Belarusians will see paintings by invitation only
By Misha Boroznov Belarusian art lovers Soutine, of course, want to see the unique work of the artist. But the most formidable obstacle on the way — the procedure for obtaining visas. According to the Belarusian painter, all this would be much less difficult if the Belarusian travel agencies tried to arrange special tours in Paris.
In the French embassy in Minsk our radio said that similar proposals from firms they have not been. On the question of whether to get an exhibition in Paris without any corresponding invitation from the French side, the embassy staff member said: "I think there is no such ability. Sorry, but the invitation is the main reason for the order to issue the visa. I understand that there is a lot of enthusiasm, but for visa services need paper, respectively. "
For individuals younger than 25 years, the French embassy visa issued free of charge, for others it costs 60 euros. After the exhibition in Paris Chaim Soutine last until the end of January.

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