Stanislav Bogdanovich: Devaluation is already underway

Answers can be read Here.

Stanislav Bogdanovich was born January 1, 1937 in the village Shapovalov, Minsk region. Pinsky graduated in Accounting and Credit College, Capital Finance and Economics Institute. Doctor of Economics, Doctor. In 1991 — 1995 years. — Chairman of the State Bank Republic of Belarus. Deputy Supreme Council Belarus XIII convocation favorite faction "plainclothes action" (1995 — 1996). Member Joint civilian Party and its Chairman (1995 — 2000), since 2000 — chairman of the noble.

Assessing the outlook for the global financial crisis impact on Situation in Belarus, in an interview with "Freedom" Stanislav Bogdanovich said:

"In the coming six months landslide Belarus crisis passes, because there is the account for the Ministry of Finance, the budget surplus for the first 9 months, three trillion rubles, and there are loans offered Our homeland, and perhaps give the IMF. Because through such steps Belarus collapses in 6 months. Another issue is that in the coming devaluation of the Belarusian is because lack of trade balance is great, and always with a lack of devaluation of the national currency, it is the law of economic theory".

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