STATE DEPARTMENT responded to the threat of Pyongyang Missile to the U.S.

North Korean authorities need to think about how to feed their own people, and not to boast abilities in the missile sphere, municipal spokeswoman Victoria Nuland, U.S. Department.
«In North Korea must realize that the dangers and provocations they will not achieve anything. It would only undermine their efforts to return to the negotiating table with the international community. I just wanted to highlight that in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1718 and No. 1874, North Korea must stop all activities associated with the programs of development of ballistic missiles, «- said Nuland,» Interfax «.
As reported by the newspaper Gaze Tuesday, a representative of the North Korean Ministry of Defense said that «within the revolutionary act of power, including the strategic missile forces,» North Korea are not only South Korea and placed in her South American military bases, but also Japan, Guam Peninsula and even the continental United States.
This statement was a response to Pyongyang’s consent nedavneshnee Yankees allow the South Korean armed forces increment own range missiles from 300 to 800 km. In response to this, as threatened in Pyongyang, the army and people of the DPRK «hundredfold strengthen state of alert» and will feel the «real taste of the war, which did not yet know what the world and it was impossible to imagine for themselves.»
U.S. and North Korea formally at war since 1953, when it signed a ceasefire agreement at the end of the 3-year Korean War.
Recognizing as the sole legitimate country the Republic of Korea, the United States shall be removed from diplomatic relations and contract signing of peace with North Korea, keeping to the south of the Korean Peninsula about 28 thousand soldiers.

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