Streets Sapieha and Bryl approved and Voinilovich — not

Renaming streets Berson in street Voinilovich not approved as Mengarvykaname explain, in view of mass appeals of people who disagree with the renaming. In the Church of St. Simon and Lena they say that a lot of believers, on the contrary, the Minsk authorities sent letters requesting to rename the street Berson in the street of the sponsor of this church Edward Voinilovich.
As told Radio Liberty Society Chairman whiteRussian language Oleg Trusov, Department of Culture Mingorispolkom TBM said that the Ministry of Justice has passed legal review of the capital city council decision of 30 November 2007. Then it was decided to give the new projected streets in the neighborhood Michałowo-1 names national writer Yanka Bryl Chancellor majestically Duchy Lew Sapieha.
"Hundreds of people have been writing letters to the Minister Golovanov"
"After Justice Department not to give a legal opinion on the decision of the Minsk city, we urged people to be treated specifically the Ministry of Justice. After all, the reason was that the authorities in Minsk have not discussed this with citizens. Weave people began to write letters to the Minister Golovanov that they agree with such streets. And Minsk city executive committee approved our streets again, and now the Ministry of Justice has also approved, "- says Oleg Trusov.
"Yes tired of people walking down the street or Ulyanovsk Lenin"
Among those who signed a proclamation granting Minsk streets names and Bryl Sapieha was People’s Artist of Belarus Zinaida Bondarenko.
"I am very glad that in the end the decision is made. We must withdraw from the Communist-Bolshevik titles streets. This is so sick of people walking down the street or Ulyanovsk Lenin, when we have so many of our, Belarusian heroes whose names should be our streets" — says Zinaida Bondarenko.
"Nowhere in such concentrations are not inhuman monsters names immortalized system"
The letter was signed by Minsk authorities and writer Vladimir Orlov. By the way, before he was the creator of the appeal to the Ministry of Justice, in which proposed to rename the street collector, where the ministry, in the street named Euphrosyne.
"In the midst of arguments and that was that the Justice Ministry has tremendous correspondence, and maybe it is shameful to write your own the address — street collector. This proposal has been" inundated ". Zadumvaessya If toponymy of our capital, it becomes a terrible and shameful in comparison with other European capitals. Nowhere in such concentrations do not immortalized names from time to time just inhuman monsters that system. "

"People resented rename"

The Ministry of Justice did not like the proposal to rename the street name believers Commissar of State Control of the first government of the BSSR Stanislaus Berson in the street of the sponsor church Reddish Edward Voinilovich. Head of the department of culture sector kultasvetraboty Mingorispolkom Natalia Starikova explained to the cause.
"Street Berson in the street will not Voinilovich renamed as the population resented renaming. We received a lot of emails. According to the law was necessary to learn world population, we did not, and the decision to rename a street Voinilovich not passed legal expertise."
"People collect these signatures, and not only in the church"
Incidentally, in the Church of St. Simon and Lena "Freedom" was told that so many believers in Minsk city executive committee wrote letters to rename the street in the street Voinilovich Berson. Says an employee of the church:
"People collect these signatures, and not only in the church, and in other places. And bore the signatures. We initially asked to rename the street Voinilovich Berson, and later we all close to the street, even though the Soviet."
According to chairman of the Belarusian Language Society Oleg Trusov, on the initiative of a few tens of TBM new streets in Minsk paid the names of public and cultural figures of Belarus. In recently built neighborhood streets appeared Loshitsa Luchiny, Gatskevich and others. Square was named Frantisek Bogushevich. Oleg Trusov hopes that This year perceive the decision to grant the latest street named vice president of the Belarusian Academy of Stepan Nekrashevich. Chairman of the TBM, but notes that the Russian street names change very difficult.

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