Strike about 50 percent of business

The shopping center "Impulse" about 40 percent of outlets closed. At blinds — ads that entrepreneurs on vacation. Their counterparts who do not stop, with the knowledge related to the solution of the strikers.
"This is our only place and the only means of subsistence"

Places himself the owner walked to the rally, and we worked

Merchant: "Of all the shopping places were closed down 40 percent."
Reporter: "And you did not join the strike?"
Merchant: "Immediately I — no, and the owner of the place — yes. He walked to the rally, and we worked. "
Reporter: "And do you think about the decree number 760?"
Merchant: "negative, because it is not the best way affects me personally, I can not work. But we decided peraafarmlyatstsa because and work. "
Lady: "In all the main places currently closed. We decided to stay until personal businessmen. Configure what this year so will work if we, of course, will make it possible to work this way, because such pressure on us … Every day stroll, rewrite something. And if not, then we will stop the activity as entrepreneurs. This is our only place and the only means of subsistence. "
Reporter: "And who is the holder of a shop — you?"
Lady: "No, my offspring. But he now rents a tax declaration. He is one, and it just me, unhealthy mom such makarom, it actually works seven days a week. "
Winner of the outlet: "We wish to remain personal businessmen and so we were allowed to have at least the 1st employee. And here we are left to sit on Fri."
Reporter: "You have not participated in the January 10 meeting of businessmen?"
Winner of the outlet: "We have worked. Such things were not engaged. We expect normal operations of our government."
"There are 10 matches, hundreds of new favorites"
Favourite campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev says that for 2-weeks about 50% of businesses in the country supported the strike.
"Some went to work on the weekend, someone did not work. There are even entrepreneurs who continue to continue to strike. Strike enveloped the whole country. In some places more than in some places, in some regions. But businessmen heard about the problems and These problems remained unresolved. "

People decided January 21 encounter means, so be it. Here from favorites nothing depends.

January 21 entrepreneurs are planning a follow-protest in Minsk. Victor Gorbachev believes that the arrests favorites entrepreneurial movement during a rally on January 10 does not affect the number of protesters.
"Lude decided January 21 encounter means, so be it. Here from favorites nothing depends. Organized themselves as entrepreneurs in the two or three months of protests! There are 10 matches, hundreds of new favorites. Arrests and penalties will only exacerbate the situation. Entrepreneurs on this ground only rally. "

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