Students congratulate Danchika jubilee

Pochetaemye listeners! We appreciate your ideas and suggestions. You make the our radio more meaningful and fun.
We introduce a prize — thanks for your best call, a message prompt. Followers will vozveschaema every Sunday in the weekly review "Call to freedom."
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On the theme of celebrating the New Year — subsequent call:
Spades: "Greetings," Freedom! "Happy New Year to you! New Year’s Eve Belarusian state television was totally Russian. Generally finished pretend. Called me from outside Belarus. Also tried via satellite to hear New Year’s Eve in Belarusian Belarusian word municipal channel, Belarus music, songs — not heard. shame. ‘Cause we all happiness and freedom, freedom, freedom! "
Belarus businessmen argue that begin strike against presidential decree number 760. Comment listener:
Man: "Good day. I heard on your waves played a businessman who said that entrepreneurs will hold protests in the framework of the Constitution. A constitution was adopted in the framework of the Constitution? Heresy laid the foundation of democracy."
Since December in Belarus canceled benefits for different categories of people, including the children, the disabled, the elderly. Up to this topic:
Man: "Pochetaemye Radio Liberty, Lukashenko took the poorest even those little perks that they had had since the Union. Neither workers nor farmers receiving pensions 200-300 thousand rubles, currently do not have any privileges. But the most unusual, that, according to Law № 239-3 of June 14, which entered into force on December 17, 2007, benefits for retirees have free medicine, the military, the police, in other words, people who did nothing with their work and nothing harder for not picking up a gun, stubbornly haluystvavali for the former and the current authorities. "
Further expression on the economic situation in the country:
Spades: "Lukashenko Tipo raised farms.’s Not true. This heresy. He did not raise them, and killed. I do not want to read about other state and collective farms. I only wish to say about their own. Their pilfered! Pull from lean animals, insult her!"

Pinsk"Hi," Freedom! "
Lost hope,
Magic ended.
Ate a carrot —
Remained whip. "

Vyacheslav Suharebski: "Lukashenka indescribably unprofitable financial policy in the industry and agriculture has led to the fact that we already have more than 10 billion debt to foreign countries. And Our homeland their loans even more disastrous policy promotes itself later to cheaply acquire Belarusian enterprises."
Program from continuing calls for earlier programs of Radio Liberty, also congratulated students of Liberty:
Lydia Dmitravna, Minsk: "Pochetaemaya radio, listeners pochetaemye! With pleasure listening to the transmission of" Calls for freedom. "What remarkable poems Very relevant. I just sit and cry. Thank you so much, dear! Happy New Year to you! Health, happiness, prosperity, patience, freedom in our long-suffering country. "
Maria, Grodno: "Good evening," Freedom "I heartily congratulate all employees and listeners of Radio Liberty with the New Year and Merry Christmas! Heartily wish you all good health, prosperity, patience, endurance, and work for the benefit of Russia. And I wish with all my heart to congratulate our amazing singer Danchika with its 50th anniversary. I wish him good health, new songs, decent work and the fetus in his work. "
Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk: "Good evening around pochetaemomu Gentlemen, Dear Bogdan Andrusyshyn, though what Danchyk I cordially congratulate you on your 50th anniversary. Your beautiful songs, imbued with love for Belarus, always inspire and amuse us. Want health, productive work and long years of life. Waiting your arrival in Belarus and in our Soligorsk. thank. "
Alexander A. Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "Good evening, pochetaemaya" Freedom. "On the 50th anniversary of Bogdan Andrusyshyna, Danchika.
Sing, our native Nightingale
Sing the whole earth,
That heart was warmer
And flowers bloomed,
To treat poured
Beautiful creative fruit
Belarus to your living
And her people lived.
If all you sing
And your voice sounds
I think a host of saints
One moment he was silent.
Sing, our star-nightingale
Gifts of its heat,
That heart was lighter
And all around the rottenness.
Thank you. Congratulations on your anniversary! Health wish, my dear, and creative success. "

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