Supreme Tribunal rejected the Christian Democrats

Now the Supreme Tribunal issued a decision on the complaint association "Belarusian Christian Democracy" on the refusal. Referee Galina Zhukovskaja said:
"The Tribunal decided to dismiss the representatives of social and public association" Belarusian Christian Democracy "in satisfaction of appeal against a decision of the Ministry of Justice to refuse to state registration socio-public association" Belarusian Christian Democracy ".
In the midst of the circumstances named in the absence of statute clarification expressions "supporters of Christian worldview," "Christian values" and "Christian approaches." Also, they say, the full title in the Russian language does not match the full title in Belarusian. Another referee Zhukovskaja noted:
"The Tribunal can not accept applicants Rezonit that legislation Republic of Belarus does not prohibit a public association holding a public examination of legislative and other normative acts. Holding a public examination is not provided by law. "
According to the applicants, their refusal to register Justice violated the Constitution and international obligations. According to co-chair of "BCD" Aleksei Shein, the court’s decision could have been foreseen:
"It is politically motivated because the course of yesterday’s meeting showed that the truth is on the side of the organizers of the" BCD ".
According to Shein, the Ministry refers to the small clues to the documents submitted for registration.
"There was a typo in our statutes, exactly. This missing word. Eventually, the Ministry of Justice, on the great, owed give documents on completion. And it could correct for half an hour just to enter the word. Because the main why the Ministry of Justice has not been recorded, "BCD" and based on what the Supreme Tribunal decided — it is still a political background.
We represented different statutes of registered organizations, such as "Movement for social progress and justice" organizations involved in legal expertise. Same bylaws, which were claims from the Ministry of Justice, and the wording of the statute. With such formulations same organization registered . Well, as "BCD" are probably some other motives. "
By Aleksei Shein, activists continue to sample registration of public associations "BCD" also begin preparations for this Congress party "BCD"

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