SURE testers in the ultimate success of F-35 PROGRAM

SURE testers in the ultimate success of F-35 PROGRAM
«We have a sense of zeal and to assist in the development of products, the best from an engineering point of view,» says chief test pilot of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in Fort Worth, Alan Norman (Alan Norman). Norman has two engineering specialties, including a doctorate in electrical engineering, reports
In most of the past decade programm fighter fifth generation F-35 suffers from technical problems and cost overruns. Engineering knowledge are central to the test pilots, who must be aware of technical problems before they will be eliminated. Pilots experiencing plane at maximum its ability to provide information to engineers and manufacturers to make improvements in the design of aircraft and aircraft systems.
«A test pilot is a person who is a mediator between the engineers who develop the aircraft and pilots who will fly on them in combat units,» says Officer Norman graduate of the Naval Academy Bill Gigliotti (Bill Gigliott), which also involved test flights in the F-35 at the factory airfield company in Fort Worth. Programm when the F-35 was launched over 10 years ago, the Pentagon decided to change them a number of existing types of combat tactical aircraft. Decision was made to build and just three versions multipurpose attack aircraft — F-35B with short takeoff and vertical landing aircraft for the U.S. Marine Corps, a lighter version of F-35A with integrated gun deck for the Air Force and the F-35 for the Navy based on aircraft carriers . It was planned that all three versions will be tested and implemented immediately, in other words parallel. But in practice it turned out that this task is very difficult than expected.
«When in flight appear problem, the aircraft behaves as prescribed and harmless vorachivaetsya on base. This is not bad news, «says future mentor combatant F-35 pilots Lt. Col. USMC Tai Bachmann (Ty« OD »Bachmann). For example, this fighter with no prepyadstviya oxygen system as on the F-22, he says.
Cool during the war Alan Norman (currently it ’54) was a ceremonial USAF pilot in Korea and Germany (1980). Bill Gigliotti participated as a pilot during the first Gulf War (1991) and international business operates F-16 fighter jet during an air show. Both have retired from military service and are test pilots of Lockheed Martin.
Verifiers they say that the F-35 will be ready to fight, and it will be perfectly trained pilots. «This is probably the easiest to manage the aircraft that has ever ascended into the air,» says Gigliotti. Unlike their predecessors F-35 resettled new built-in sensors that fraction of a second pilot can predict «the next step of the enemy» and likely act own partner. Sensors allow the aircraft pilot situational information that rises to the teachings of «The Art of War» Shove Tzu (Chinese philosopher, who created one of the ancient treatises on the art of strategy — approx. «VP»).
«F-35 pilot understands the situation intuitively, this visual medium that gives a full tactical information,» says Norman. The pilot has a special helmet with a screen that shows all the flight information. «We, as before, do not look down at the dashboard. We litsezreem information right in front of him, and for us there is no difference, it’s night or day. Throughout the aircraft placed cameras and sensors that behold the all that is happening around the aircraft, «says Bachmann.
photo — Bill Gigliotti and Alan Norman discussions are abilities Strike Fighter F-35, Fort Worth, Texas SE, August 8, 2013.

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