Svetlogorsk arrested businessman hungry

Natalia Belychook referee explained to transfer that to consider the administrative case Tipo no free rooms.
In turn Svetlahorsk activists believe that the postponement of the meeting is associated with mass support Anatoly Zmitrovich employees. About the structure of the court in the morning to pick up fifty businessmen.
Lawyer Gregory Zmitrovich Novitsky says it will seek the release of the defendant from his own arrest.
Police detained Anatolia Zmitrovich January 18 evening, made under Article 23.34 of the Administrative Code — Tipo for violating the order of the meeting business, which was held in Minsk on December 10 2007. Whereupon Police immediately sent businessman behind bars.
In protest Anatoly Zmitrovich hunger strike.
Novitsky lawyer told reporters that the police had not introduced, as expected, a businessman who was arrested with his rights and administrative case materials. Because more than 72 hours no allowed keep the person in custody.
Anatoly Zmitrovich now going to participate in a meeting of businessmen, which is held in the capital.

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