SYRIAN ARMY RUSSIAN accused of using cluster bombs

SYRIAN ARMY RUSSIAN accused of using cluster bombs
Human rights activists have accused the army of Syria, protecting the Assad regime, the use of cluster munitions against rebels. On this October 14 reports Reuters, citing a company human rights Human Rights Watch.
According to observers, cluster bombs were dropped from planes and helicopters near the town of al-Numan Maarat. The rebels occupied the town early October, blocking the road between the capital Damascus and Syria naikrupneyshim city in the country — Aleppo. For about a week, government troops tried to return Maarat al-Numan for yourself.
As the representative of Human Rights Watch, as a result of the bombing of the interior of cluster bombs (submunitions) and fell in residential areas. Moreover, human rights activists have reported having their videos on how peaceful inhabitants were collected from the ground unexploded submunitions as souvenirs. HRW recalled that it can be deadly unsafe because the bombs can be detonated at any moment.
According to HRW, cluster munitions have been produced in Russia, but significantly it is unclear what exactly the moment Syria acquired them from the Russian side. On the use of cluster bombs Assad troops reported previously, including the bombing and shelling of the town of Homs.
Cluster bombs that explode in the air and scatter over the earth smaller ammunition of various purpose (anti, anti, incendiary, etc.) is prohibited in most countries of the world. But the Convention of 2010 on the prohibition of cluster munitions have not ratified naikrupneyshim producers and consumers of similar weapons, including the United States, our homeland, China, and India, Pakistan, Israel and Syria.
The greatest danger in the use of cluster bombs are unexploded submunitions on the ground that almost converted to anti-personnel mines.

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