T-90 is inferior to the American M1 MOBILITY

T-90 is inferior to the American M1 MOBILITY
India has recently ordered another 235 T-90 tanks, Strategy Page reports on October 12. Licenses these tanks are performed in India, subject to the license price per tank worth 4.9 million U.S. dollars. By the end of the decade, India hopes to have in their own arsenal of about 1,400 tanks of this type.

First T-90 entered service with the Indian Army in 1993, since that time, India has become the world’s naikrupneyshim operator tanks of this type. T-90 is a modernized version of the T-72, which in the Indian Army has about 1900 (establishment license since 1980). T-90 weighs 15% more than the T-72, resettled improved fire control system, night vision devices (range 1,500 m) and electrical means to counter anti-tank missiles. Autoloader is more reliable than the T-72, which allows the crew of 3 persons (commander, gunner, driver-mechanic) better to do their duty. T-90 has also a dynamic protection in addition to a combined armor.

T-90 is not such as T-mobile 72 and the battlefield is moving slower than the South American M1 (specific power of the T-90 of 18 hp / ton, while the M1, the figure is 24 ps / m). Properties of 125 mm cannon in the main the same as on the T-72, but will be used if more effective projectiles, this tank has a chance to confront the M1.

A possible enemy India Pakistan equipped in the main tanks era 1950s (Chinese T-59 — a licensed copy of Russian T-55). Pakistanis also are armed with about 700 types of tanks T-69 and T-80 Ukrainian, that surpass the T-90.

By 2020, India plans to have 21 Tank Battalion (on Indian systematization — regiment) with 62 T-90 tanks each. In fact, each battalion has only 45 combat-ready tanks, another 17 are created for the training of crews and spare.

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