Tb also did not rule out collusion United States and North Korea, more on this can be found in the article by Elena Fedotova.

Achilles' heel

Elena Fedotova
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The situation around North Korea and its leader turretless looks like a farce. First, Kim Jong Un called only respect — the youngest head of state in the world, shows seemed unprecedented firmness in the struggle for the interests of his country. But over time, more and more wanted to shout, "Do not believe you." The search for the talentless director led to a completely unexpected discovery. Iron Fist, napravlennny against Russia and China is ready to strike, and sends it … But let's not rush to break the track.

"The international community" comes poisonous saliva, and the United States of North Korea proclaimed the worst enemy of humanity. Not even embarrassed by the fact that about the middle of the last century, North Korea's dreams of a rank of nuclear power, with all the testing and development. It is difficult to speak about a specific progress on their part — success has always been very modest. However, even small steps in this direction caused a ripple on the water in the form of Western inevitable agreements on good behavior. Lasted endless running around in circles, — the agreement violated the new insolence and disturbed 'international community' has advanced all the new sanctions as punishment. In this regard, over the last year, nothing has changed. Only the ripples on the water for some reason turned into a storm. 

April 17, 2012 North Korea has again refused to comply with an agreement with the United States and accused them of"Overtly hostile behavior"after the launch of the Korean space satellite. The situation escalated to the point where, in February of this year, North Korea was the third in the history of nuclear testing. Warmed her, Kim Jong Un, punctually and imperturbable smile, letting go of the strong threats against Americans. Although the imbalance between promises and actual military capability North Korea was obvious, USA with sincerity child succumbed to the superstitious fear. March 17, Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel announceda program of strengthening missile defense2017 in connection with the threats North Korea missile launch a preemptive nuclear strike on the United States. Placement of additional missiles on the Pacific coast will cost more than U.S. $ 1 billion and will eat the lion's share of the military budget, which is going through so not best of times.

To reduce the degree of stress, rather awkwardly Hagel said that while the U.S. will refrain from the fourth stage of European missile defense system, involving placement of missiles in Poland. The statement, in fact, totally devoid of meaning, and are designed for psychological effect. After, the American Secretary of Defense, as a thief, in which the cap off, hastened to assure that this decision"Is not associated with the position of Russia". Yes, our country under any sauce does not need American European missile defense system in Poland, but in the Asian border, they need even less. And Hagel said, in essence, the following: instead of European antimissile we now we proceed Asian, and then we will see. Meanwhile, the fact that the United States will return to the issue of the European missile defense system, no doubt. Terms of reshuffling of seats … The imaginary concession was to soften the effect of the maximum impact on the forehead reinforced the fact — the U.S. strengthen missile defense near the Russian border. No time to negotiate the terms, because the world is in mortal danger in the face of North Korea. Russia wants peace or evil?

Obviously, the U.S. is doing a big deal, forcing Korean threat. The experts unanimously assert that North Korea has no nuclear weapons — have the technology, the program, several unsuccessful attempts to bring the satellite into orbit and launch a rocket. But, in order to distinguish one from the other, no need to even have a higher technical education. And, in the end … to move the center of gravity of military policy in the regionThe Pentagon announced a year ago!But then Chuck Hagel has not led the defense establishment, and to agree on the words and actions of its predecessor, does not seem to have time.

But imagine for a moment that the DPRK from the real threat. In this case, we are also waiting for a logical impasse, because the United States therefore have the potential deterrent in the Pacific: 16 of the 26 U.S. Navy ships equipped with Aegis systems with interceptor missiles SM-3 Block 1A, and in South Korea and Japan deployed several batteries tactical missiles Patriot-3. That's enough, they say, with a margin for several years under the most optimistic estimates of the capacity of the North Korean nuclear scientists.

Why should the U.S. spend huge money on a non-existent threat? You can, of course, to believe in mental retardation leaders of the U.S. Department of Defense. But sometimes the enemy is better to overestimate than underestimate. Especially, a bad feeling suggests that indirect cause of all this pandemonium is modest and peaceful, yet incredibly strong Russia. However, this question is rather rhetorical. What is really surprising is the fact how smoothly operate unbalanced leader of North Korea, with its violent statements and instantly reflective Pentagon. No rehearsals and conductor impossible to play in unison.

The legendary Kim Jong Il died in December 2011. His coffin with tears accompanied the hundreds of thousands of Koreans, but hardly anyone was crying harder than his youngest son and successor Kim Jong Un.

The eldest son of the Great Kim fell out of favor, and I must say, not without reason. Who Jong Nam, sloven and inveterate liberal in the worst sense of the word, of course, would be a Korean Gorbachev, had at one time tried to escape on a false passport in Japan, thus causing the anger of his father. Now he is engaged in the business somewhere in Macau.

About youngest son is little known. North Korea's biographers from the first day of the Board, by tradition, are working on his heroic image and proclaim"Great successor"and"Brilliant comrade".
The people called KimThe "father", and that he would try to justify the name of social initiatives and active participation in national life. Local gossip column tirelessly impresses on his military training, agricultural work and surrounded by Korean children happy.

But what we are throwing tradition can say about him as a person? He is full of enthusiasm, determined to be the successor of the great family, honors the memory of his father, and probably would have a good chance of success. Only confuses his tender age — according to some reports, he was not yet thirty years old. North Korean biographers deliberately aged him to give solidity and in favor of the same tradition — in 2012, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung and the 70th anniversary of the birth of Kim Jong Il. According to official data,"Great successor"this year crossed the thirty-year milestone.

If we compare the few available descriptions of Kim Jong-un from external sources, the picture is rather modest. He loves sushi, wearing a T-shirt with a picture of his favorite actor Mel Gibson's having fun on the basketball and idolizes Michael Jordan. He likes to watch women strip for American music. Even his idols like all normal guys — Jackie Chan and Jean Claude Van Damme. But usually,"Normal guys"to part with such hobbies right after school. Kim, by the way, he graduated from the International School of Bern — English language school in Switzerland — where he felt quite uncomfortable because of the language barrier — English and German were given to him to work. According to his former classmates, he was a bad time to the basic subjects, was listed in the worst truants, and most of the time devoted basketball and football. His best friend was the son of a Portuguese diplomat. In his stories, Kim was unable to pass a single exam in Berne school. In particular, he has managed to fail the exam in the natural sciences, which earned him only 3.5 points out of a possible six. As a result, he was transferred to a class in which children learn two years younger than him.

Does the name mean anythingJang Song Taek? Welcome —before you present the DPRK leader.

Taek (vice-chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission)


Most of the name does not cause any association, but in the meantime, it is this man really controls North Korea since the death of Kim Jong-il, and, according to some, since as long as he"Not a joke was sick". This uncle, Kim Jong-un, but not by blood — in 1972 he married his aunt, younger sister of Kim Jong Il. My father, the great President Kim Il Sung, was against the marriage — the groom-that the poor and the common people, though well educated. The wedding, however, took place, and happy young people began to move quickly through the ranks. He reached the peak of a career, when in 2004 he tried to organize a coup against Kim Jong-il and seize power. The rebellion failed and the ambitious Jang Song Taek, oddly enough, was just released from all honorary posts. But the strange thing is, in March 2006, he again became involved in public life, and two years later was appointed to a key post in the party hierarchy, the first deputy of the Party Central Organization Department, responsible for the internal affairs and security. In Kim Jong-il at this time began to have serious health problems.

The couple Jang Song Taek and aunt Kim Kyong Hui forms a so-called"Regency", who pulls the strings, I'm sorry, helps rule of Kim Jong Un. My uncle finally came close to its long-standing dream, concentrating in the hands of the most important levers of power. South Korean experts claim that all foreign structures sit"People Chan". The "gray cardinal" control diplomacy, administrative and organizational department, the committee of defense. He personally led an armed Kim Jong-un, which is considered the most powerful and influential agency, having the best weapons and the most combat-ready units. Officially, General Chang Song Taek is deputy chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission.

Came to power young heir, North Korea began a big change. Local newspapers have paid more attention to the fact that women were allowed to wear trousers, and appeared on American television cartoons. But this time the devil wing is in the details. About a grand purge of the army summit said something in passing. And only the Western media have fallen into euphoria, getting an excuse to demonize the leader of the newly created"Undemocratic"country."He is a tyrant even scarier than his father!"— Shouted the pages of newspapers. But the fact is that Kim Jong Un during these purges, probably watched your favorite basketball and did not know sin.

July 16, 2012 it became known on the resignation of Chief of StaffRi Yong Ho. North Korea's news agency reported that he was dismissed from all his posts due to illness, although the pictures a week ago had quite a youthful appearance. The newspapers flashed the information that"Resignation due to illness"was accompanied by a shooting in which Lee Yong-ho was killed. If newspapers lied, then Vice-Marshal was creepy recluse, because since it was never seen again.

Ri Yong Ho was a member of the so-called "Gang of Four" — North Korea's main governing body — along with Kim Jong Ynom, his aunt and uncle. Overbearing organizing such a "friendly" called South Korean experts, they also noted that most influence it had just Ri Yong Ho. Vice-Marshall enjoyed the full confidence of Ki Jong Il, who appointed his guardian and protector of his successor. At the funeral in December 2011, he, like a true knight, followed by Kim Jong Ynom.

Chief of Staff to prove his loyalty, having played a key role in the operation of the transfer of power, Kim Jong Un, to ensure that the loyalty of the army. We can only guess who he confronted in this fight, but there is no doubt that without the true heir to the vice-marshal failed to lead the DPRK. Can we assume in this case, as outrageous ingratitude on the part of the younger Kim?

Needless to say, and then tried uncle Jang Song Taek. The only question is what motivates him to action. The first thing that may come to mind is a personal score to settle and fight, if not for power, but at least for influence. But there is a second version, the benefit of which is the biased nature of the military purges. Following the Chief of Staff, retired head off the secret police and intelligence Chhuk s tone. So maybe the preparation for something that the representatives of the old guard loyal to Kim Jong Il, just could not avoid? What are the plans hatched Jang Song Taek and where going to lead North Korea behind the young and inexperienced Kim Jong-un?

This news has not hit the headlines and did not attract much attention. She flashed a weak spark, almost dissolved in the midst of the unceasing information noise. Meanwhile, not the first but not the only, the Japanese newspaper "Asahi Shimbun" reported that from 2011 to 2012, North Korea, at least three times secretly visited the Air Force aircraft of the United States of America.

Despite the fact that they were flying on the Pacific base of Guam, Japan did not rush to notify. Moreover, in response to a formal request of the Japanese authorities, the U.S. State Department urged to refrain from further manifestation of curiosity, as"Flights are confidential", Japan and requests"Pose a threat to bilateral relations Tokyo and Washington".

According to the Japanese newspaper, the first visit of the Pacific Command of the U.S. Air Force in North Korea in November 2011, a month before the death of Kim Jong Il. Aircraft delivered to the DPRK heavy equipment, including bulldozers, the purpose of which the United States has not explained. According to the official, the meeting discussed the issue of the repatriation of the remains of American soldiers since the Korean War of the last century.

However, this was not the most ridiculous excuse for Americans who were able to. In April 2012, a week before the start of Korean missiles "Ynha-3" with a companion, a delegation from the White House on board "Boeing-737" went to North Korea to — attention! — Discourage Koreans from the frantic pace. State Department ought to keep these visits a secret even from outright stupidity of their official cover-ups. The delegation included the Director of Korea in the U.S. National Security CouncilSydney Seilerand Head of the DPRK Ministry Director of National IntelligenceJoseph De Trani. Both — prominent figures in the administration of George W. Bush.

Of course, a high-ranking delegation did not work out, and irreconcilable Koreans still have launched the rocket. Although the launch was unsuccessful, it did not stop the Americans to raise a storm in a teacup, which the DPRK, as if on cue, responded to the termination of the agreement on denuclearization.

But why North Korea is headed by representatives of the former Bush administration? Recall that one of the many initiatives of the mountain of unsold President Reagan was a return to the program "Star Wars," which included the creation of a powerful anti-missile shield, and including the deployment of missile defense in Alaska and California. But, for heaven's sake, where we have already heard this rubric? Not in a recent speech to Chuck Hagel of strengthening defense system in the Asia-Pacific region, due to the growing threat from North Korea? The program, launched Hagel implies, among other things, the placement of interceptors in California and Alaska — 60 km from the Russian border.

However, we forgot to say who was represented by the Korean side on these "sensitive negotiations". It was the vice chairman of the National Defense Commission of the DPRK and our old friend — the uncle Jang Song Taek.

2008. Issue of the newspaper "Izvestia", 24 September. Korean leader Kim Jong Il is sick and hungry western dogs are already making bets — who will take his place. On one of these "assumptions" and said in a newspaper article titled "U.S. intelligence predicts receiver Kim Jong Il's his cousin." It is not known at what stage of a confusion with the meaning 'brother-in-law, "but the subject of this publication is the husband of Kim Jong-il's sister. It was Uncle Chan U.S. intelligence agencies predicted in the DPRK leaders about five years ago. "News" write with reference to the South Korean edition of "Tone Ilbo":"In the case of serious illness or death of the current North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to succeed him in power would be his cousin Jang Song Taek. This opinion is shared by U.S. intelligence analysts. Their report was prepared by the South Korean embassy in the United States sent to the President Lee Myung-bak, the National Intelligence Service of Kazakhstan and other intelligence agencies ".

The newspaper «Los Angeles Times», in turn, cites the opinion of experts, who also predict the rise of the enterprising family member not in blood. However, here Jang Song Taek is already included as Kim Jong Il's son and the second most important man in the country. Recall that by this time was only two years since he got out of disgrace after an unsuccessful attempt to seize power. However, experts believe — in the case of the sudden death of Kim Jong-il was he lead the country.

These predictions have come true with a small caveat — Uncle Chan and failed to become the official leader of the DPRK. But U.S. experts are surprisingly insightful."Jang Song Taek is a classic politician, like a chameleon, able to quickly change the political loyalty. He can get a lot of power, adhered to the son of Ira, who sits on the throne, but he will be in the shade ", — Says a security expert at the National Defense University in Washington, DCBalbina Hwangin 2008. What are the exact details for all the secrecy of the North Korean political system and the extreme lack of information coming out of the country! What is strikingly true, almost psychic vision of the future situation, to which there is still a full five years! And, most importantly, what unconcealed sympathy for the policy"Dense","Totalitarian"and hated state in the country, of which we can only speak with rudeness and contempt.

Extreme"Undemocratic"North Korea has guided U.S. experts to suspect that the authorities can come to the rightful heir:"North Korea is a Confucian society of clans and families. Kim Jong-il sure only member of the clan can continue the dynasty, and that means one of his three sons ". Nostradamus would have agreed to pay good money for the advice of witches, because back in 2008 they predicted that Jang Song Taek will remain in the leadership of North Korea, who would not of the sons succeeded his father. According to them, my uncle had a good relationship with all the nephews, but the support was, certainly, Jr. — Kim Jong-un.

In the immediate vicinity of our borders unfolds monstrous, arrogant and totally unbelievable provocation. All that in the near future will make North Korea will only verdict: Kim Jong-un has gone mad, and his every step — a step the suicide. But you can certainly call the two countries that are now just is not in danger — it's the DPRK and the United States. Those whose voices are loudest, deafening us and excitedly calling out for help. They want only to confuse, distract from the fact the unthinkable: the goal — that's us. And if you do not understand this, then do not even try to understand what will soon be on your eyes.

Politics — not an insane asylum, and the great chessboard in which the winner is the one who surpassed in treachery and cruelty. The threat from North Korea will not be easy to grow. It will be manageable to grow under the strict guidance of our chief enemy, who had no other way to defeat the left, except for a small country in the underbelly of a great power. Unconscious and, therefore,neprekrytaya the Achilles' heel of Russia today called North Korea.

Do not help the legal agreement being directed U.S. missiles, it does not help non-aggression pact with Hitler. To protect its interests and security of Russia will be more difficult, because the U.S. will undoubtedly make their primary threat to peace, which supposedly comes from North Korea. They will try to demonize Russia at any of our attempt to defend their interests and to resist the creation of a nuclear shield close to our borders. And this is only the beginning. Under the pretext of good mission to save the world the United States can nominate any, craziest and most brazen initiative. There is no doubt that the DPRK immediately podpoet next verse outrageous threats.

The only way to avoid the trap — to prove to the government and the intelligence level of communication and the fact of a secret agreement the United States and the DPRK. As absurd as it may look, but they really only play mortal enemies. But sometimes it's better to be ridiculous than getting caught in a trap. In war as in war, remember? And maybe
someday we admire this flawless game, standing round of applause and even shout bravo. Someday, but not now.

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