Technical base of FSUE Dalspetsstroya joins a new plant for the production of PVC structures

The creation of this production is due, above all, the need for building sites FSUE "GUSS" Dalspetsstroy "at Spetsstroy Russia" in the designs of high quality PVC.
In consequence of that, the decision was made to create a Khabarovsk-based branch of the additional production. The principal activities of the branch "UPTK number 724" is the production of aluminum door and window frames, stained glass windows, sliding systems, windows and doors from PVC, aluminum ventilated facades.

Industrial facilities department is one of the most advanced and powerful in the Far East of Russia. Established German equipment can process SSHUCO profile systems, which are known throughout the world as examples of the harmonious combination of great design and excellent quality.
Automated line shop consists of a machining center, which reduces to a single operation and cut PVC profile milling holes and welding center-cleaning profile. At the moment, the shop employs 12 staff who have been trained on all the machines and operations on the new equipment. The training was conducted by representatives of the German company, a supplier of equipment
Plastic windows are made with new PVC designs, excellent save heat, which plays an important role in the harsh climatic conditions of the Far East.

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