Technological breakthrough Russia. Arctic project Sevmash

The end of November was a landmark for Sevmash. From the waterfront businesses went to Murmansk offshore ice-resistant platform "Prirazlomnaja" — a unique oil and gas facilities, unique in Russia. Platform for the first time such a huge size (displacement — 117 tons), accompanied by two powerful tugs crossed the sea. The capital of the Arctic on the 35th shipyard (ca "asterisk") will be made and the completion of ballasting MISP

Of course, its role in the history of oil and gas development in the Arctic have yet to be assessed. But today, looking back on many years of hard way Sevmash for implementation of the first oil and gas project, we can talk about the uniqueness and magnitude, complexity and diversity of the work you have completed the shipbuilders.

The chronicle of events connected with the birth of the project and its implementation, dates back to 1992, when the President of the Russian Research Center "Kurchatov Institute" Yevgeny Velikhov reported to the President on the proposal of Sevmash submarine and businesses to use the freed capacity for the conversion of the defense industry for the development of offshore oil and gas in the Arctic and for this purpose to create a national company.

Years of building a platform (its solemn laying took place at the Sevmash shipyard in 1995) absorbed the periods of boom and bust, the full funding of the project only started in 2002. In July 2008, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a retreat at Sevmash Government "On the development of oil and gas complex of Russia", and in July 2009 the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev met in the enterprise with the construction of "Prirazlomnaya".

— During the creation of a platform, we have learned a lot, learned a lot — the general director of "Sevmash" Nikolai Kalistratov. — It's a great experience that will allow us to move on. One of the lessons that we have learned — the need to create a Russian design bureau for the construction of oil and gas platforms. Today there is no such office. The project involved many different KB: both domestic and foreign. The project is also engaged in a specialized office of Gazprom. But in fact, must be prepared by a professional designer. Despite the difficulties, we have completed the first phase of construction of the platform. On the "Prirazlomnaya" implemented the most advanced technological schemes, so I think (and so inherent in the requirements specification), oil production platforms will be of the highest quality, and the platform itself — world-level! "

Its assessment conducted at Sevmash work carried out under the direction of General Director Nikolai Kalistratova, his deputy V. Borodin, A. White, Deputy Head of Production number 2 N. Broad and other professional businesses and contractors, and gave A.Mandel, general Director of "Gazprom neft shelf."

— I am sure that the construction MISP can not be compared even with the creation of a knowledge-based technology as spacecraft. Construction of the platform made it possible to learn a new oil and gas Sevmash direction to employees — to improve their professional skills. Sevmash gained experience and forms its development from its account. Today, together, we discuss prospects for further cooperation with the company, the work program of Gazprom. On new horizons for Sevmash in the creation of oil and gas equipment and said the vice-president of JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" D.Mironenkov: "The completion of the first phase of construction — a major event in the domestic shipbuilding industry. We aim to create a presupposition enough to work with such a serious partner, as the Norwegian company "Saipem". This will enable the Sevmash most of your experience. The work is scheduled to much. "

Academician Yevgeny Velikhov, one of the founders of "ROSSHELF" and MISP construction at Sevmash, I am sure that this platform — the first step to storm the Shtokman field. And the very field "Prirazlomnoe" "become the center of a large-scale development of offshore oil Pechora province. Then you need to do step by step — without stopping. Arctic — the fate of Russia! "

Oil Field "Prirazlomnoe" discovered in 1989 in the Barents Sea. This is the first national project for the extraction of hydrocarbons in the Arctic shelf of Russia. The main features of the development of "Prirazlomnogo" — no analogues in the world, the high ice loads and transportation of oil in a difficult environment. The investor of the project — Gazprom, the customer OOO "Gazprom Neft Shelf," General Contractor — JSC "PO" Sevmash "designers — JSC" Morneftegazproekt "," Brown &Root ", CDB ME" Rubin "CDB" Coral ", VNIPImorneftegaz" Shelf "NGOs" Termneft "PKB" Sevmash ".

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