Tekhnopromexport completes commissioning work on a unit number 2 TPP Gorazal ‘in Bangladesh

Experts Tekhnopromeksport completed construction works on the second power of the TPP "Gorazal." Currently under commissioning, after which the unit will be implemented starting in primary production.

During the renovation of the second power has a groove turbine generator slip rings, made of seal flushing shaft generators, as well as after natural cooling of the boiler pressure test conducted it.

In the near future on the block start-up operations are scheduled to push turbines, the results of which will be tested by the control system.

Tekhnopromexport performs the reconstruction of block number 2 TPP "Gorazal" as part of the contract signed in 2000. The scope of the obligations Tekhnopromexport include reconstruction unit number 1 and number 2 with a capacity of 55 MW each

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