Tekhnopromexport passed the third hydroelectric power plant Naglu

The Ministry of Energy and Water in Afghanistan has taken it to the service after testing

The third hydroelectric power plant "Naglu" after a 15-day continuous testing commissioned the Ministry of Energy and Water in Afghanistan. Due to the reconstruction of power unit was increased to 25 MW.

During the time of the trial operation of hydroelectric comments to the work have been identified. At the moment, the unit transferred to the Ministry of Energy and Water in Afghanistan in the guarantee operation for two years.

After servicing the total generating capacity of hydropower "Naglu" will be 100 MW (four units of 25 MW each). Hydroelectric power plant plays a key role in the energy system of Afghanistan, as the consumption of capital produces half the country (Kabul) in the amount of electric power.

Under the terms of the contract for the reconstruction of HPP "Naglu" Tekhnopromexport performs design work, procurement of new equipment, the dismantling of machines and plant systems, as well as repair of equipment not subject to replacement, installation, commissioning and start-up of the main and auxiliary equipment of hydroelectric power.

Currently Tekhnopromexport is upgrading the unit number 4.

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