Telecommunications spacecraft AMOS-5 referred to Israel


Telecommunications spacecraft AMOS-5, created by JSC "ISS", submitted to the customer management — Israeli telecom operator Space Communication Ltd.  

After the successful launch on December 11 last year, AMOS-5 satellite has undergone a complete audit cycle in outer space, the press service of Zheleznogorsk enterprise. Within three months, foreign experts were managing the spacecraft with the technical support reshetnevtsev. Employees of JSC "ISS" is not only provided them with advice, but continued to teach the finer points of the satellite control staff, as the company Spacecom previously worked only with his imitator.

Today, foreign experts independently controlled spacecraft. But that does not mean that employees Reshetnev Company completed the work with the satellite. Throughout the period of his active service they will provide assistance to members of Spacecom to maintain systems of the spacecraft.

This work is carried out on the territory of the reserve MCC Zheleznogorsk Company on request of the Israeli operator. This means that for situations not covered by the operational documentation, experts ISS must accurately identify the problem and eliminate the comments.  

In parallel with the creation of satellite reshetnevtsy representatives Spacecom taught the basics of design, testing and operation of the spacecraft. Upon completion of training professionals Israeli operators were presented with certificates showing that they now have all the knowledge and skills to work with the satellite. Today, telecommunications spacecraft AMOS-5 without any problems functioning in orbit and meeting its targets — provides telecommunications services in Africa and Israel.

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