Telematics in the service of human security

The number of active users of telematics services in the field of human security will increase 2.3 times by 2016. This forecast is contained in a study by a Swedish research firm Berg Insight.

According to foreign experts in Europe and North America, the number of users of personal monitoring, including custom and industrial segments of the market will grow from 1.2 million in 2011 to 2.8 million in 2016. Solutions for personal tracking have a wide range of applications, from social services, looking for well-being of older people and people with disabilities, and to corporate control systems, and personnel management. A significant number of services related to personal tracking, also called the prevalence of smartphones with built-in satellite navigation systems GLONASS and GPS.

As for the Russian market, until recently, personal tracking services were in demand mainly in the corporate sector — solutions to logistical problems, the security personnel at remote and highly dangerous objects, control the express delivery. However, with the increasing availability of user devices Russia closer to the global trend, where tracking services are becoming increasingly popular among consumers.

 "The further development of the market for personal monitoring will be associated with the emergence of solutions with advanced, highly customizable functionality — depending on the application. In order to ensure maximum safety of a person, such solutions must provide for the implementation of automated databases containing important for effective aid information, such as information about medications taken, "- says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems.  



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