Teleskandal: non-Russian tales

At the request of veterans was removed from the film "4 Days in May"
Ludmila Zhukova, Olga Zhukova

 We still remember how, despite vehement protests from the public, in the late 90s on NTV aired, did the film "The Last Temptation of Christ." Channel management, spit on the "voice of the people", the holy day for all demonstrated disgusting, obscene transmission. But on May 7 of this year, something unprecedented happened. For the first time in more than 20 years of perversion of the Great War, listened to the voice of the living participants in the battles.

After many kinopakostey like "bastards" could seem that close to the series, in which Soviet troops treacherously violated the non-aggression pact, peacefully sleeping bombed German cities, villages burned, along with residents dispose of human waste material in the concentration camps, selling hair mattress stuffing , the skin — on lampshades and wallets, dust — for fertilizers. Stealing a crowd of German boys and girls for forced labor in Siberia. And raped, raped, raped …

Goebbels applauds in hell: the Internet is clogged horrific details of atrocities and violence are not Nazi soldiers in the occupied territories of the Soviet Union and Soviet soldiers on German women and children.

Monument to Soviet Soldier-Liberator in Treptow Park, built, by the way, by the hands of the Germans call names "monument to the unknown perpetrator." Although, the German press reported in the 60-70s. the last century about the fate of thousands of Soviet soldiers rescued German children — with their photos and biographies. French (not because if too many French women voluntarily serving German lust?) Researchers have somehow counted the number of abortions in post-war Germany — up to 2 million (!), Of course, the consequences of the violence of the Soviet soldiers. Non-Anglo-Franco-American is not his, German, demoralized, brutalized out of despair!

Yet we have seen many times in the program "Wait for me" elderly Germans and Germans who had sought to find in Russia their fathers or their descendants: show photos of brave soldiers with a touching inscription on the back, called the pre-war addresses, explain that the authorities are not allowed to take the pregnant or a child with her mother in the USSR. And it is clear: how to meet German Russian wives widows, orphans, the bride? Pragmatic Germans in post-war Germany was concerned about the restoration of the nation's population. Our Uncle Volodya, a prisoner of war, with the "Aryan" appearance and "Nordic" character, in the 44th from a concentration camp has got a job at the farm, the owner pleaded: "Waldemar, stay, marry my daughter Elsa — German suitors remained on Russian soil … "

Among the millions of Soviet soldiers who drove out the invaders from their land, of course, were overflowing with hatred for their dead and desecrated wives, brides, sisters, daughters. Among them were immoral types, and ex-felons.

Therefore Marshal Rokossovsky issued an order threatening: "The shooting — for robbery, rape, theft, murder of civilians." According to this order had been shot more than four thousand officers, a large number of soldiers and morality in the army has been restored.

What a striking contrast to the orders and circulars of Hitler's command, which required "to apply to the Soviet population violent mass action," filmed at the same time with the soldiers and officers "of any responsibility for the crimes against the population of the occupied territories."

The film "4 Days in May" that caused such a violent disturbance and war veterans, and many young on the Internet — the violence of Soviet soldiers on the German women who have not committed only by the fact that "good Russian" spies Dragon captain (played by the film's producer Alexei Guskov) in alliance with the "good" Nazis defended young girls from the shelter of some of the Baroness "bad Russian". Their commander — Major-Georgians (no coincidence, perhaps, Stalin tribesman) — demanded that the captain entrenched "in broken island", "share" the daughters.

The division into "good" and "bad" comes from the German Russian teen who met spies in Nazi uniform with someone else's shoulder, with a gun in his hand, ranivshego our soldiers. But nobly Gorynychem pardoned, although his wife, daughter and son-soldier killed by the Nazis.

In the discussion of the film by Ukrainian TV channel "Inter" in the transfer of the former chief enteveshnika Yevgeny Kiselyov's "Big Politics" German film director and co-writer (in collaboration with Edward Resnick) Achim von Borries said that he considered "very coup" to show the war through the eyes of a teenager.

And really — ignorance of the history of the authors of the war, all the absurdities and fiction film is easily attributed to the perception of the military situation in nesmyshlenogo Maltz.

We are invited to look at it through the eyes of more than Gorynycha strange behavior: it is idle, when the fascist fighters gone cow for dinner, when the drunken Soviet tank truck pushed into the servant of the Baroness Vera (apparently Imported from Russia, but this — not a word.) But, catching a soldier for the innocent kiss with a German girl who exposes Man arrested, faces the tribunal, although German woman says she loves Russian soldier. For some reason, Dragon does not look like a tribunal, a Georgian Major and his subordinates. Absolutely unthinkable scene when the Victory Day (!) Soviet tankers go to battle to the death against his, as Soviet spies! And the last fight on the side of the Nazis nerazoruzhennye.

Initial explanations initiator filming A. Gus'kova very different from the last time. At first, he admitted that in 2005 he heard on the radio the story of one "son of the historian" who learned about this incredible case of. Rugen from the Marshal Moskalenko. And "infected idea to make a film." But historians and veterans recalled "infected", that the 38th Army Commander Moskalenko fought away from the Baltic Sea — in Czechoslovakia. Whence syuzhetets? And Andrei changes indications: the site of action is in northern Germany, the author of memoirs — General Fedyuninsky. But the mention of "lousy island", apparently oblivious cut from the monologue "tipsy" tanker-Georgian. On air on the channel "Inter" Kiselyov the question: "So was the story?" — Andrei stunned response: "But it does not matter …"

The journalist of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Dmitry Steshin found the source of the "contamination" Gus'kova -'s Tales "Russian epic," which formed the basis for the script, — Dmitry Faust. But he declined to comment: it "and so hounded on the Internet, and he only wanted to reconcile the German and Russian."

In the "oral tradition" Faust then Marshal Moskalenko, the general Fedyuninsky share memories of the incredible case of. Rugen Dima Faustin and his friend Eugene. But there is not Georgian, Ukrainian and Major Havrylets intends to commit violence, and not over the young girls, and over the blinded from the British bombing of teenage girls. The Germans (give up running in English captivity) engage in combat by accident, thinking it was their soldiers fight with the Russian. The authors of the film outdid himself Faust in patients fantasies about war! The price of
"non-Russians FICTION" D. Faust is known, in the article "How to NTV two generals outraged" at May 19, 2010, we have already written about them.

The film is on the money Ukrainian-wishers — half a million euros (and therefore, perhaps, a rapist is not Ukrainian, and Georgian), German — as much as 6 million (all Germans in the film as the selection Cuties) and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation … — 1 million 200 thousand euros.

It is outrageous that once again sponsoring a Russian anti-Russian cinema. As for the artistic quality of the film, the producer claimed Guskov as "European cinema", their sparsely.

The actors have to justify false proposed writers circumstances. Helplessness authors demonstrate finale: boat floats away, where Frau saved from violence (after all there, in the Danish, British, of course, will not be raped), nerazoruzhennye "good" Germans, and the like (not distinguish among heads) are seen caps "good Russian" … But the producer Andrei glance at the history books as the May days, he would have known what will happen to the passing boat: amphibious assault ships of the Baltic Fleet has landed in Danish about. Bornholm, captivity 12000th (!) German garrison, our ships loitering in the Baltic, and go on about. Rügen. And twenty Guards. Lieutenant Rounov — alone, with a grenade in his hand still forced to surrender on May 1 fascist grouping of 500 barrels! But such feats as a feat of Hero of the Soviet Union, Boris A. Runova (see the collection of memories "All deaths in spite" of 2001) are not selected for the plots of films competing for the honorary title of "European", that is taken in the spirit of "new thinking" on Gorbachev, the award-winning title of "best German" for his contribution to reconciliation between the descendants of the vanquished and the victors.

Yes, we would be happy to accept! If it was not obvious desire to replace the other hand deserved tribute to Soviet soldiers — liberators of Europe from fascism — lies about the war, insult, mockery of the feat of our fathers and grandfathers.

And they made peace with former enemies in May of '45, when the Soviet High Command has established a food supply of the German population at rates bolshim than operating in the USSR, when the field kitchens to feed the civilians were all over Germany, when our builders began to restore the German cities of Berlin and subway, and restorers took up the masterpieces of the Dresden Gallery salvation when opened schools and kindergartens for the German children and orphans, street children were going to children's homes and shelters …

Andrei on the channel "Inter" inconsistent and unclear explains that when German friends over a glass of Russian soldiers say, "Yes, they freed us from the fact that we ourselves have created. But the boys walked — and that's enough, go away … "- he, Andrei, do not agree. With what? Whether that did not walk at all, and fought, died for the liberation of their country and of Europe, or if the "walked" — that is not enough: just something about 8 million from both sides put in that "bash" Yes 18 million innocent Soviet citizens.

But it was the Russians today make up for those irrevocable loss in the population of Germany, This Gus'kova and nephew, he said, is "a naturalized German" sister married a German came …

Surely Alex Andrei takes Russophobe fiction, setting the stage for the coming of naturalization in Germany?

Back in the XIII-XV centuries. Germans, four centuries before the conquest of the leading stubbornly resisted the Balto-Slavic Elbe (Sorbs, bodrichey, lyutichey, Wagram, Rugova with Fr. Ruyan — Buyan Russian fairy tales), were forced to run away to Russia not to assimilate, to become naturalized Germans, barring remeslennichat, trade, learning in schools, to speak their native Slavic. Changed the names of their cities Branibor — by Brandenburg, Lipica — at Leipzig, Vesmír — at Weimar, Ruyan — on Rügen, Elbe — the Elbe, etc. Because of the politically correct silence and the king, and Soviet historians of the pages of the first German Drang nach Osten Soviet soldiers dying here, do not know what will rest in the land of the indigenous counterparts. But if I know — this is cold comfort to millions of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren already, still lamenting his not returning from war.

In the diary of 16-year-old defender Berlin Dieter Borkowska quoted veteran of the Wehrmacht: "If the Russian win … and even a 1 percent will do what we were doing with them, then after a few weeks, it shall not live any German!"

But the Russian did not and the thousandth part of what they were doing Nazi occupiers. That's what would make a film — for reconciliation …

PS May 12 on "Echo of Moscow" in the program Vitali Dymarsky "Price of Victory" Andrei said that NTV from the film did not mind, but only "moved" him, and May 7, he was still shown on cable channel "House of Cinema . " When we are talking about the reasons for rejection of his film veterans, Andrei called names of their opponents' void of understanding ", but the air itself nakalebzdnonil (his neologism!) And many smart. He said that Victory Day, we started to celebrate only under Brezhnev, because front-line soldiers in the "45th shook all the camps. Stalin threw them! ". Such a monstrous misinformation even Goebbels Faust would not dare to inspire! Thank perturbed bloggers for PR, which had never been mixed up with a PR shame.

"By educating the Soviet people" Andrei, who became the joy Dymarsky "cosmopolitan and globalist," boasted prizes of international festivals, including those received in Ryazan war films at the Festival them. Yuri Ozerov. Signed diploma Michael Nozhkina! His name is Andrei was covered more than once.

We called beloved by millions of artist, poet, author of the song "The Last Battle" from the masterpiece Ozerov "Liberation". Word-for-word pass explanation of Mikhail Ivanovich, "This movie could not see. But I used to trust colleagues and believe positive review Oleg Uremtseva president of the festival. Give my deepest apologies son of a soldier — the defender of Rzhev all the veterans in front of a feat which I admire. All the indignant spectators, who offended by ignorance. The authors of the film — for having misled them. But please do not wave your diploma with my signature, consider it invalid. Taught me a bitter lesson I will consider. "

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