The detainees were arrested for 15 days

Midst of detainees and delivered yesterday in Metropolitan police department of Minsk — the chairman of the Joint civilian Party Anatoly Lebedko and favorite association "Perspective" Anatoly Shumchanka. They also arrested the tribunal for 15 days.
First, the court said Anatoly Lebedko court challenge. He said he did not think beyond the tribunal, as well as the entire judicial system in the country. But the tribunal rejected the challenge. Lebedko was charged with organizing an unsanctioned mass gathering. Lawyer Paul Sapelka said:
"Even from the testimony of riot police officers who detained him, you can only make a conclusion about his participation in the event. But the general position and mine, and Anatolia was the fact that each has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and processions. And because he, among others, shall be exempt from liability. "
The Tribunal rejected the petition on how to claim and to adduce material operational police shootings. Sapelka Paul said:
"The materials of the case was attached first page of the newspaper" Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus ", which can be was done concluded that not Lebedko was among the marchers on the roadway. "

U.S. Embassy condemns sentences these cases

Similar sentence, 15 days in jail for his role in organizing an unsanctioned rally got Anatoly Shumchanka. With all of this even favorite business associates did not have time to get to the hearing and only learned about its outcome.
Chargé d’Affaires Jonathan Moore, who came to the Metropolitan Tribunal commented sentences:
"The U.S. Embassy condemns the sentences in these cases. There are no circumstances to prohibit these people express their views in a peaceful manner. Together with the staff yesterday we watched the protest on October Square, and we say that the participants in this protest peacefully expressing their views. There are no excuses beating and detention of people who yesterday there wasand. Especially since surprisingly, that the detainees — the same people who presented a petition of protest Medvedeva. And here’s the answer — they are now here without lawyers, without support, without the presence of people in the courtroom. And the judges act as prosecutors. "
Now, in the building of the Metropolitan Court held a meeting of the presidium of the political council united democratic forces. Anatoly Lewkowicz said:
"As a symbol of solidarity we held its meeting here. Especially since, Anatoly Lebedko that currently presides on the podium. We have expressed our solidarity and support and, of course, we will still to this issue vorachivatsya as this strong issue in the criteria of an authoritarian regime. "

I got to the arbitrator and the arbitrator said that the trial is over. I can only be on the pronouncement of the verdict. This tribunal

Midst of convicts — Vladimir Shiloh, who, not counting 15 days, was also a fine of 1 million 750 thousand rubles, allegedly for hooliganism, as opposition activists Yang Mikhailov, Alexander Chernyshev, Sergei Klyuyev, Alexander Stepanenko and others. Six convicts passed through a lawyer, that they go on hunger strike in protest against the symbol of sentences and human rights violations.
Aunt 1st of starving student Wroclaw Institute Barazenka, Jean Manko said:
"The schedule of the court session was not indicated a time when the meeting takes place, was not true written in what room. Both doors were closed. How we nor knocked revealed nothing. I got to the arbitrator and the arbitrator said that the trial is over. I can only be on the pronouncement of the verdict. This judgment seat. "

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