The grand opening of the Kiev experimental production area

May 23, at the Scientific Production Concern "Science", in the framework of the International Conference "Ukraine-Russia-Skolkovo — a single innovation space" opening the experimental production area popromyshlennomu production nanoheterostructures — for super-bright LEDs, concentrator solar cells and high-power microwave transistors.

    The gala opening was attended by the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alferov, Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Yuriy Avksentiev, vice-president of the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Anton Naumovets, rector of the Kiev National University. Taras Shevchenko Leonid Guberskiy, and leading scientists of Ukraine, the Russian Federation and the European Union.

The Kiev area NPK "Science" for the first time in Ukraine organized the production of hetero-epitaxial device structures based on nanotechnology. For the production of epitaxial heterostructures involved only inUkraine processing facility, the basis of which are the two U.S. installation MOCVD m-GaNzilla MOCVD System (modification E300) and D-180 GaN MOCVD System, as well as a modern laboratory equipped with the necessary control equipment. This makes it possible to solve complex scientific and engineering problems, in particular photoluminescence mapping of semiconductor wafers.…oizvodstvennogo-uchastka/ 

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