The initiative has sent congratulations to political prisoners

Several members of the youth organization "Initiative" came to a head post office building in the Reds caps of Santa Clauses. One of them was holding a big bag of letters of support to Belarusian political prisoners. About Mailbox, that at the entrance of the building, they untied the bag and small bundles of letters left in the drawer. Envelopes were the addresses of prisons, where they hold Dmitry Dashkevich, Alexander Kozulin, Andrei Klimov and Artur Finkevich.

We campaigned for 2-weeks (…) collected about 1200 greetings

"We have been campaigning for 2-weeks: collected congratulations on just such special cards. We can say, that collected about 1200 congratulations. This bag most of them, and at the moment we leave them in a box and send a political prisoner. Any one of them will get many, many, many congratulations on Christmas? "- Said one of the protesters, introduced himself as Andrew.
At the same time, when the rally took place in Minsk, activists, which are in Moscow, was sent to the bullpen more than 150 Belarusian letters. Similar events were held in Bobruisk and Polotsk.
Wishes and words of support to political prisoners addressed by many people. Says one of them, Maxim:

Wrote postcards are very different people, from "little boys" or Frunzenski Leninsky districts and ending with the head of the International Labour Organization Mission

"In our shares participated and wrote postcards are very diverse people, ranging from "little boys" or Frunzenski Leninsky districts and ending with the head of the mission the International Labour Organization, which now came to us. Also signed Alexander Milinkevich and Inna Cooley, very many politicians. "
Activists "Initiative" announced "Freedom", which will continue to carry out actions of solidarity with Belarusian political prisoners and their families. In January rally under the slogan release of political prisoners are going to spend all unregistered youth organization. They planned to spend almost every day.

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