The monthly allowance during the period of care for a child (up to 1.5 years)

The monthly allowance during the period of care for a child (up to 1.5 years).  Photo from

In accordance with Art. 15 of the Federal Law "On state benefits to citizens with children" from 19.05.1995, the number 81-FZ (As amended on 05.12.2006) monthly allowance child care (up to 1.5 years) paid a working and non-working women:

  • Monthly benefit for disabled (not subject to social insurance) of women will be 1,500 rubles for the first child and 3,000 rubles — the birth of the second and subsequent children.
  • Allowance for working women is set at 40% of their average earnings in the last year before the birth of the child, but can not exceed 6000 rubles.

Payments are made at the place of work or in social security agencies in the community.

In this case, the woman became a mother, not necessarily to take leave to care for a child. It can rely on part-time or taking work home.

Allowance child care tax is not assessed and included in income for tax purposes. Social insurance contributions for amounts of benefits provided by applicable law.

Legislative acts:

  • Federal Law of 19.05.1995 № 81-FZ "On public benefits to citizens with children" in the wording of the Federal Law of 28.12.2001 № 181-FZ.
  • Federal law from 16.07.1999 № 165-FZ "On the basis of compulsory social insurance."
  • Federal law from 07.08.2000 № 122-FZ "On the order of establishment of scholarship and social benefits in the Russian Federation."

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