The new law will affect the media and the web

The creators of the bill point out that his work will not be distributed to the media. Say, it is written in the bill, followed by this: "The Act does not apply to public affairs connected with the activities of the media and protection of disk imaging as an object of intellectual affiliation."
Minister of Communications and Informatization of Belarus Nikolai Pantelei, who presented the bill lawmakers twice stressed that it does not apply and on Web:
"We did not put in front of him puzzle regulate the actions of people, bodies, legal entities through the Web. We this topic absolutely not touched. "
Doctor of Laws, Managing Media Legal Defense Center at the Belarusian Association of Journalists Misha Shepherds explains why, in his opinion, the new law will affect the spread of first disk imaging specifically via the Web:
"There is such thing as an" information network "," information resource "," information system "… And on the Web, all these concepts are taking place. Because nick web, owners of sites, information portals must be subject to the provisions of this law. Anyway, in the part which concerns the protection against unauthorized use disk imaging to other restrictions. "
Shepherds believes that the words of municipal officials should be treated very carefully:
"This law is all the same and will be distributed on the media and on the Web. With the reason that the object of this law will regulate all information activities.
Act really will not regulate the activities of journalists and the media. But it will adjust most importantly — how to use the information as to disseminate information. And what kind of information! Because journalists as information workers will have to take into account the provisions of the Act. And there are a number of significant limitations on the introduction and spread of disk imaging on state activities, personal life, etc. . "
As the chairman of the relevant committee of the House of Representatives Anatoly Pavlovich, 2nd reading of the law impactcan be take on the vernal session.
From the initial version of the bill on which the deputies began to work more in the past year, it’s very different. In the latter case the number of articles was reduced from 58 to 44.

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