The number of donors could be reduced by a third of the

As explained chief Dr. Ming Road station of blood transfusion Zbigniew Pabyarzhyn, clinics now will receive more plyazmu rather than whole blood. Methods for obtaining the same plyazmy as sovereign clarifies Pabyarzhyn allow already presently more than a third to reduce the number of active donors.
"If at this point the man can take his blood 5 times a year, and the lady — four, then plyazmu (regardless of who the donor) can take one every two weeks. Plyazma very rapidly reversed if the donor well fed," — says Zbigniew Pabyarzhyn.
And oh so he explains the technology tested in Belarus saving blood:
"People come to us by donors. We take blood. On centrifuge share blood on two components: plyazmu and erythrocytes. Plyazmu reserve and returned to the donor red blood cells. Here on the table again take blood. Plyazmafarez This double donor. Realized how less need donors? "
In Belarus, to this day, as specified in the Ministry of Health, the total number of donors — 100 thousand. Of their donors plyazmy — only one in ten. As expected, the number of donors after cancellation of privileges for their significant decrease.

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