The police chief apologized for calling the 9-year-old boy

Call the police nine-dweller village Veremeyko that Cherykavshchyne, Evgeny Gerasimov in connection with the investigation of the blast in Minsk on July 4th was a resounding response in the Belarusian mass of information. The police do not give a definite answer, summoned for questioning male. The school confirmed that the district had questioned him without a mother, but in the presence of a public teacher. According to the boy’s mother Lena Bolshakov Cherikov chief police department Alexander Raykov Now on the phone apologized to her and said that to her offspring no complaints.
Yevgeny Gerasimov owed Cherikov appear in the police department of the ninth or tenth day of October "on mining entities for involvement in the explosion from the third to the fourth of July in Minsk." So indicated on the agenda. It portrayed the names of police officers — Bugaenko and Sergeant Ivanov.
Head Cherikov police department Alexander Raykov has not commented on the call nine-year boy, but notes:
"I’ll see what the situation is there for. Currently I am not prepared to comment on it one hundred percent. Likely, if called, it is not true. We specifically a nine people, students, do not call."
It is clear that until the agenda Evgeny Gerasimov interrogated without a mother at school. Was present at the interrogation of social teacher:
"Yes, the information is credible. Spoke to him precinct. Asked where he was, this young man, such a number. No, no grubastsi was not. Everything was normal. Soc teacher and I have a right to be in the interrogation without parental role."
Agenda of the call to the police Evgeny Gerasimov Krycheu correspondent of the newspaper "Free City" Roman Christmas his mom Lena Bolshakov. The journalist says that Mrs. Bolshakov refused to carry offspring in Cherikov not to injure his psyche. According to her, the police were going to take fingerprints offspring.
Mrs. Bolshakov believes her son found, because she took the tickets to Minsk on his passport. Third and 4th of July and she stayed in the offspring Zaslaul.
Lena Bolshakov said about sixteen hours she called the police department chief Cherikov Alexander Raykov and said that to her offspring has no complaints:
"Raikov himself called me and brought me to apologize."

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