The prosecutor’s office has a claim to the Slonim Newspapers

Claims relating to the editor last year’s publications. Namely, several materials from the courtroom were released earlier than the court decision entered into a legitimate force.
A few more claims related to the fact that the newspaper was taken interview with the representative branch of the Union of Poles in Slonim and names mentioned political parties and movements, allegedly not registered on areas of Belarus.
Victor Volodoschuk all claims refers to imaginary.
The investigator noted that a copy of the letter the regional justice department was directed to the Ministry of disk imaging RB.
Editor "Newspapers Slonim" sees in this a danger to the editorial board, as, in him, so few years ago started to close the independent newspaper in Smorgon.
During the last 2 years "Gazeta Slonim" do not allow to use subscription services through "Belpochta" spread through "Belsoyuzpechat" and printed at a local print shop.
"Newspaper Slonim" — latest edition is independent in the Grodno region.

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