The Schengen area — more than Oshmyany

Salting Lithuania Edminas Bagdonas Journalists held a route by which held everyone who want to obtain a Schengen visa. In the latest extension to the embassy — seven tabs, where the guest first receive full information. Then you must go to the room to fill out paperwork.
The Schengen visa will cost Belarusian citizen — regardless of whether it is repeated or single — 60 euros. With all this put a precondition: obtain this visa in the Lithuanian Embassy, the first time to enter the Schengen space is needed only in Lithuania.
Clearly, after 5 euros previously pay-per-Lithuanian visa, the sum of EUR 60 looks great. Because reporters first asked whether can be done cheaper visas for Belarusians. This salting Bagdonas answers:

Prices can only be changed on the basis of dialogue between Minsk and Brussels.

"I always read and now must repeat that prices can not be changed through a bilateral agreement, but only on the basis of dialogue between Minsk and Brussels. Other words, we can not make a decision on the level of Lithuania and Belarus."
However, yesterday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and Belarus have agreed on certain benefits to a narrow range of people. But to comment on the details of this agreement salting Lithuania refused. On the sidelines just sounded like a race in Lithuania will be free Belarusian Kids under the age of 6 years.
National Visas remain — for exceptional cases
A what to do, If a citizen of Belarus already has a Lithuanian visa, the period which ends act, for example, in 2008? On this issue of our radio Sovereign Bagdonas gave subsequent response:
"Those citizens of Belarus, received a Lithuanian visa before 21 December 2007, will use it only as the state visa. And she will be able to vyazhzhats exclusively in Lithuania. It does not cease to function. And there is no need to travel to Lithuania to get to the same Schengen visa . "
Lithuanian national visas for Belarusians continue to persist — said salting Bagdonas. But — he singled out — such visas will be granted only in exceptional cases. In his view, such a visa would be less than 0.5% of the total.
Counselor of the Embassy in the Consular Affairs Luda Kleymenova said reporters that those wishing to visit Lithuania on new criteria are unlikely to become less. This thought leads her such a fact — almost all who wish to obtain a Schengen visa through the Lithuanian Embassy when they were that now this service will cost 60 euros, agreed and recorded in the queue.

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