The third unit of the Kursk nuclear power plant restarted after repairs

The third unit of the Kursk nuclear power plant connected to the grid after a scheduled routine maintenance, according to the station.

"At power held regular routine checks and made a model of the current volume of repair. At work on the power turbine generator number 3 is number 6. Turbogenerator number 5 on July 1, is planned average repair," — said in a statement.

Currently located in the first and the third unit of the Kursk nuclear power plant. The second and fourth power units — a planned repair.

The radiation background at the Kursk nuclear power plant and the area of its location at a level that corresponds to the normal operation of power, and do not exceed the natural background values.

Kursk NPP is a branch of "Rosenergoatom". The station is located 40 kilometers south-west of Kursk on the left bank of the Diet. The NPP operates four reactors with channel RBMK-1000. The first power station was connected to a single energy system of the country in 1976. In 1979, 1982 and 1985 put into operation three more power.

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