The Tribunal refused to hear the case oppositionist

Gorodok police department employees accused local activist of the Movement "For Freedom!" Leonid Autukhou in arbitrariness and the illegal seizure of land — for the fact that he established a memorial cross dead countrymen. Referee Vladimir Gladkov refused to consider the administrative record, because it considered illiterate. At the same time all this sovereign Gladkoff explained to police in Belarusian: requirement for the chairman of the BPF Gorodoksky trial was held on Belarusian language.
Oriented protocol arbiter for revision to the police department, because it correctly indicated, what rules of law violated the sovereign Avtukhov. Besides, the police have not found the head of a real confirmation that could be used in court two months back the cross, delivered by local activists kidnapped unknown. Avtukhov to the police, so that criminals have found, but no results in the excitation criminal case unavailable.
Cross in honor of the memory of the victims of anti-Bolshevik uprising in 1918 participants he was October 27 is set near the village Frolova, in 26 km from the district center of town. Three a day or it’s gone.
Avtukhov who had spent at the ready cross own funds, says that he is ready todo it again — establish new cross with him and to arrange a special guard.

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