The Tribunal rejected the complaints of trade union activists

Sergey Fomin

Activists accused of abuse bureaucrat opportunities and breaking the law "On mass events Republic of Belarus. "
August 24 bureaucrat rebuked picket for Alyaksandr Kozulin. His decision Igor Avseenko motivated by the fact that the shares protest detention facility — a method of pressure on the judicial authorities.
Through Tribunal activists try to cancel the decision of the Mogilev city executive committee and oblige him again to see a request for picketing.
Now manager of the Tribunal Executive Committee did not come. His interests are protected employee protocol legal department executive committee Lily Denisevich. Complaints activists Ms. Denisevich not recognized. Its position is motivated by the fact that the applicants had violated picket month appealing against the ruling executive committee in court.
Violation of the deadline for appeal and became the basis for denying zadavolenni complaints of the Novikov and Fomin.
Sergey Fomin and Yuri Novikov will appeal the verdict in the Leninsky district court Mogilev Regional Court.

 Yuri Novikov

October 31 Mogilev Regional Executive Committee acknowledged that the application process was violated picketing legislation on mass events. Executive Committee ordered the city council to consider a perfectly appeals people.

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