The visit was nothing extraordinary

Belarus is ready to negotiate on all matters

According to official sources, the main topic of the agenda was a day or union budget of the country. While previously the presidential press service has reported that undergo review also draft Constitutional Act.
"We have a lot of questions. Questions — on defense, the security of our country to economic and social issues. These questions we did not hide from anyone. We will voice them, for sure, at a press conference on our arrangements. Because nowhat is there to not unusual. And I again stress that the Belarusian prepared for talks on all issues in a format that was defined with you "- said Alexander Lukashenko.
In his speech at the opening meeting of Vladimir Putin read about the need for more vigorous steps to form a single economic space, the creation of the Customs Union, to eliminate obstacles to trade. According to Putin, open a discussion in the negotiating process measures to strengthen economic relations between the basement with 2 states.
Alexander Lukashenko congratulated Vladimir Putin on his election victory "United Russian Federation." He said that he considers this visit as a sign of the union 2-states. A. Lukashenko said Belarus ready to "play a role in the issue of a possible deployment in Europe of U.S. missile defense units." Also closely coordinate with the Russian side of their actions on adaptation of the Contract everyday Armed Forces in Europe.

For I was very surprising that this visit caused quite a stir in the West. I wish to tell the truth, it’s really just no subtext

As part of the Russian delegation — Russian Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of the Federation Council Sergei Mironov, State Duma Speaker Boris Gryzlov, Minister of Finance Alexei Kudrin and Economic Development Minister Elvira Nabiullina.
Alexander Lukashenko said that this visit is nothing extraordinary:
"Weird for me forecasts in Belarus and in Russia regarding your official visit. For me is very surprising that this visit has caused a stir in the West. Want to tell the truth, it’s really just no subtext. We really as friendly allied countries meet in Minsk, and was would not be surprising that you as President of the Russian Federation have not visited in Minsk for an official visit. ‘Cause that’s the whole reason for the official visit of the Russian President in Minsk. "
In connection with the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Minsk took extraordinary measures to security. Along Central Avenue, the subway and in the courtyard stood a huge number of police, special forces and intelligence agencies in civil servants. In half of the ninth morning from the park CHelyuskincev groups of several 10’s of people walked by people in black sports clothes. Within a day or movement of vehicles on a number of main streets was limited.
To meet Russian President, Victory Square led students, workers of the Minsk factory, college students, Police Academy, and others. But, waiting for Putin, they had to stand on the square almost three hours. They were passed by the area on special lists. Free passage to the area was blocked, which caused outrage some people:
"I wanted to go to the square and the curse on what light is and our government, and our guests. This is a complete outrage. Why did not I have the right to walk on his own native land? I go to work. Why should I get unhealthy legs? Maybe I will soon breathe and will not allow. "

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