Then have not thrashed batons. Used gas

October 19, 1988 members of the "gang" and literary association "Tuteyshyya" asked the organizing committee of the BPF with a proposal to hold a mass rally on Dzyady. Viktor Ivashkevich remembered that their idea is not supported, then the two organizations carried out an information campaign to ensure that the mass action.

"Several hundred leaflets were given several turnout thousand people — in contrast to the current situation. We agreed that there would suffer white-red-white flags.
Metro station, which was the last before the cemetery was closed — people walked. There met a police cordon. The policemen began to push people. Had not yet been thrashed batons. Batons were not policemen. For some reason they were in full uniform.
But they have a lot of columns were dissected into pieces and squeezed out of the place. There used gas.
People have gone from Eastern cemetery, on the cordon at Kurapaty and center again terminated chains militia organized a meeting at which for the first time on the 40th years was frankly ascended white-red-white flag, Pozniak and delivered a speech.
It was October 30, 1988.
My role in this was a natural, since my life has impacted joining the national movement, when I joined the informal youth organization, which later acted lawfully under the guise of cultural organization "Cleanup" — in some places it was 4 years before this action. But for me, the action on October 30 were a logical continuation. Grandfathers share those for me was the turning pt ".
Dzyady 1988: "They were biting me, and dragged his feet"
Dzyady 1988. Memoirs marchers

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