There is someone who will lead the rats out of town

On New Year’s issue Radio Liberty responsible businessman last political prisoner Valery Levonevsky.
"In my family closer prybavlenne — waiting for grandchildren. I think in the business too there will be some improvement, because the case is uniformly adjusted. As for situation in the country, I think it will get worse.
Recent actions demonstrate that the regime more agony. That was cancellation of privileges, businessmen were treated badly. But I am an optimist and believe that This year political changes take place, after which the Belarusians to breathe quietly and really start to build an independent and rich country.
I hope that maybe in the year of the rat will be the one from the fairy tale by Hans, who will bring to the tune of the town of rats.
As for events in the world — they are developing their own rules. Financial power of states will increase, and Belarus all the same will be integrated into the world economy. "

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