This is a unique event in the history of mankind

In the book of Genesis is a story of the patriarch Abraham, as he at one point in syadev own tent in the heat of the day, and suddenly saw 3 pilgrims that approached him. He quickly ran out to meet them, saying, "My lord, if I found favor in thy sight, then pray, not mine thy servants. Suppose that bring water to wash your feet for you and Supachai under the tree. I bring bread to you refreshed and later go for myself because of the fact you went to your servant "(Rhode 18:3-5). In fact, it was the Lord God who bestowed on a visit to Abraham. In the eastern iconography of this incident to find reflection in the icon, known under the title "Old Testament Trinity".
In the story affects the ease relations between God and man. Feels nepasrednasts and heat, usually corresponding to relations between comrades, and not between the Creator and his creation. This will be read after the psalmist: "O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth, thou my greatness raised above the sky … Who is man that thou art mindful of him, and the offspring of human that you talking about him? You it did not much less than the angels, crowned with glory and honor you it "(Psalm 8:2, 5-6).
That nepasrednasts felt in the Gospel story of the current prazdnichek when we think of as travelers from heaven, the Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, who came to be one of us and live among us. He did not come in the divine power and majesty, but as malehankih child who needs our help and compassion. Unfortunately, on This time not found Yakub, who took him hospitably. His place of birth has become a cave in what is usually kept cattle, and which such makarom, as statedsmiling in one of liturgical songs, the palace became the Lords.
I do not know, we present the importance of this unique incident in the history of the population of the earth when God has honored us by becoming one of us. This act of His boundless kindness meant for our good and happiness. His coming will certainly oblige us all to ensure that we felt our relationship to God and to others. This latter has a hard time. We often do not realize that humiliating or hurting another person or despising them, we offend Him who this man honored by becoming man himself.
This applies not only ordinary people, and those that have power over others. In the near future, many often love to repeat the words of St. Paul that "All power is from God." It is really so, because the source of all power is God. But if the power of God, then it must act in God’s. And God in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ said that "did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many" (Matthew 20:28). So Makar, power is a form of ministry. Its purpose — to ensure order and peace, so that people can freely and without lead his life, develop their God-given talents and to reach the final goal — life with God, in the words of St. Augustine: "Did you imagine me, O God, my heart and restless until supachyne in for you."
If power becomes an end in itself in the hands of those that have it, and not directing attention to the needs of subordinates, it loses its legitimacy because it does not do that for which it was installed. Latin proverb says: "Corruptio optimi pessima", which can be translated as "the best, if spoiled, is the worst." Because no power — which be role in the power of God — if you messed up, can not bring anything decent.
Let us ask the good Lord Jesus Christ, whose birth celebrate, forgive our people sturdy wire, so we all under their protection, in the words of the Sacred Liturgy, "could live our lives quietly and relaxed, with all reverence and purity."
Christ is born — glorify Him!
Father Alexander Knudson
Christmas 2007

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