This pripiranie people, their social rights and freedoms

Lady: "Ill it. Prof. harmfulness I at work and not enough for me 30 days of rest. And I was 52 a day or a year for hazardous conditions. I — Nurse anestezist. We have previously retired and left. Currently all canceled. "
Lady: "It’s not normal, it is generally stupidly did."
Man: "Needed fill it means. That man was resting where and when he wants to, so he was not "blinkered". Let them pay money and he will rest in the Canary Islands. "
Man: "Teachers generally miserable people. Suppose two months to rest from our modern kids. Prior to select, was necessary something to give to people. They deserve it. I object when insulted not only the teachers and doctors, but in general the older generation. They were thrown to the bottom ".
Man: "In the state of social direction, which calls itself Belarus is pripiranie people, their social rights and freedoms."
Lady: "categories such as doctors, teachers, additional holidays, I believe had save ".
Lady: "Poor is made, because people put their soul. People almost full day in schools, health facilities, and they canceled the additional leave. Canceled what they deservedly earned over many decades. Our management is high on the arm, their coffers are empty. "
Lady: "I do not agree with this. I, for example, the holiday was 30 days, and at the moment — 24. If once in 10 years will have to go, what it did for the rest together with the road — 20 a day or four? "
Man: "Labour vacation was 36 days. I — chauffeur drive my patients. 6 days removed, it carousing."
Lady: "I had 30 days holiday plus 15 for harm, total — 40 5. Was better: more time with the child to stay on holiday can give more attention to the family."
Man: "Is it bad, even more so that we — the radiation zone. People need not only to work, and rest. And what comes out? All privileges canceled! Who we feed — officials! "

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