Three-dimensional perspective


In Voronezh, developed an educational program for professionals in the field of electronic nanomaterials and 3D products

Technology three-dimensional assembly of crystals (In other words — 3D assembly) Is one of the most promising methods to reduce chip sizes by increasing the packing density, increase bandwidth connections within the crystal and reduce its power consumption. The application of this technology it is possible to combine in one housing made in various technologies, and digital analog circuitry, memory, and microelectromechanical systems. 3D assembly can improve the reliability and continued cost reduction of microelectronic products.

By OAO "Voronezh factory-assembly of semiconductor devices", which is one of the largest suppliers of electronic components for a number of Russian and foreign companies, manufacturers of electronic products, Voronezh State Technical University has developed a program of retraining "Technological Center 3D assemblies with manufacturing of electronic nanomaterials and 3D products".

The educational program consists of a basic training module and three modules variant intended to form the listeners professional competence in technology, design and technology, production and technological profiles. In addition, as part of training, students learn features of personnel management in an innovative project in the field of electronic products. The program also provides practical training and final certification.

Among the partners of the educational program presents a number of enterprises of electronic cluster Voronezh region — from concern "Constellation", which supplies special communication facilities in the Russian armed forces, to the Scientific Research Institute of Electronic Technology, which produces a functionally complex microelectronic devices. Also, participated in its design and the representatives of the Moscow University — Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology, which recently received the status of a national research university.

According to the developers, educational program consistent with modern principles of competence-based approach to the organization of the educational process. This approach provides an increased volume of laboratory practice, the use of modern analytical and process equipment, multimedia and thematic testing under the control of mastering the material.

According to the results of certification and protection of graduation papers of about 30 specialists of the pilot group successfully retrained, and Vilnius Gediminas Technical University scientists expect the further spread of the educational program.


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