17.09.10 TIMOTHY KALACHEV: STILL benefited Dean Zaplahova "Soviet Sport" by Don

It was during the first round match against "Alania" Timofey Kalachev got a terrible injury — a fracture of the ankle. Then it seemed that the season is over for Belarusians. But in the last round, he returned to the field, and brought his team to victory. After yesterday's workout goals against the author of "Anji" answered our questions under incessant fun by passing trainers and partners.

"VICTORY" Rostov "gave SIL"

— The consequences of injury, do not bother?

No. I had a lot of time to recover. When I was allowed to train with the group, I began to systematically prepare for the games. I knew that soon I will get out on the field. I might have to go back in Perm, but there's artificial surface, on which a large load on the ankle. The doctors said that it is better not to risk it. Then there was a break for a team game, and I was able to calmly prepare for the match with "Anji". Five days before the meeting Oleg Protasov said that I will go out at the base.

— Captain George vladikavkaztsev Gabulov in a collision with whom you have an injury, asking about your well-being?

— No, but it would not change anything. There was a moment of the game: it's not specifically hurt me.

— And those who have provided moral support?

— First and foremost, of course, family. It has played a major role — his wife and children were there, helped me to quickly return. Of course, my friends and the guys from the club is often called. All this is very much affected by the process of my return. Once again I want to thank everyone.

— While you are recovering, the team has achieved great victories. This spurred to a speedy recovery?

— And how. It gave strength. I've seen guys have played and won. I also wanted to help the team. We've got ten games, I hope, will bring more benefits.

"HEAD COACH unite the team"

Before answering the next question to fit defender Kalacheva Isaac Okoronkwo and slapping on the shoulder, said: "Soon the interview for the Champions League will give."

— Do you see what we have in the team mood — with a smile said Kalachov.

— By the way, in your first coming in the "Rostov" — the club was at the bottom of the standings, and is now fighting for a European club zone.

Time passes, things change. That team was good too, we tried, but something we have not worked. This year, the "Rostov" gathered more high-end players. It is impossible not to note the work of the head coach. It was he who rallied the team. We realized that we are required. I think, "Rostov" shows not only a good result, but also a decent fifth-place game. Of course, to fight for the top places much more interesting.

— And with what feelings have returned to the banks of the Don?

— I must admit that I really was a pleasure to return to Rostov-on-Don. Those two years that I spent here were memorable. It is a pity that in 2007 the team was relegated to the First Division, but the fans are always here to provide support, and for any player — it makes a huge difference. And the city is changed only for the better.

— Playing former club follow?

— Of course, worried about the Samara team, because there a lot of friends playing. I am glad that in the last round they defeated nalchan. Do not want to "Wings of the Soviets" have taken off. There's a wonderful aura of the stadium. I would like in the next year to come there to play football and see the same atmosphere as before.

— What is the reason for the fall?

There has been a change in the structure of the club. When I played for the Samara team, the team took only skilled players and the goal was to fight for the top places. Then suddenly broke stuff. Before the team ceased to fulfill the conditions that were promised and were stipulated in the contracts: we have not been paid for four months without paying even a bonus. At the end of the season to see out the enthusiasm. But we had a team — we are united not already thought about what will happen next, and just decided to finish the season the team to stay in the Premier League. We succeeded.

— Former coach Leonid Slutsky Samara team very much and spoke well of you. Maintain a relationship with him?

— Not as often as they could. Still, he moved to another club, he has other problems and the players. At the meeting, of course, we communicate: in two weeks I'll see you in Moscow. Sometimes call, but I repeat — we are now in different teams.

"The team started off very well"

We are past the Alexander Berket and Mersudin Akhmetovich. Mentor, referring to the Bosnians, teasing the attacker: "Will you score, you also interview will take."

— Recently started the qualifying tournament for the European Championships. During the play of his team of Belarus follow?

Of course, I'm a player of the national team, simply because of the injury could not help the boys. I hope that the following matches have to be called.

— "Rostov" — supplier of players to the national team of Belarus: Anton Amel'chenko, Alexander Kulchiy and you will regularly receive a call.

— On the contrary, (smiles). When we came to the "Rostov", the national team players have been. For any team, if for her footballers of national teams — it is always prestigious.

How do you assess the chances of reaching the group?

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