Titanium Valley in the Sverdlovsk region will provide 17,000 new jobs

 Photo source:ng.ru

The project is the creation of special economic zones (SEZ) "Titanium Valley" in the Sverdlovsk region involves the creation of 17,000 new jobs, said at a press conference on Tuesday, the governor of the region Alexander Misharin.

The project of creating SEZ, which specializes in the production of titanium, in Upper Salda-based world leading manufacturer of titanium products "VSMPO" has been discussed for several years. It is assumed that the 'Titanium Valley "will be produced products needed for the aircraft and aerospace industry. Residents of the special economic zone will within five years to enjoy tax benefits.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin during his visit to the Sverdlovsk region on November 18 reported that the Russian government's decision to create a "Titanium Valley" will be signed within two weeks.

"The program includes a special economic zone provided 17,000 jobs in addition. It will definitely have a positive impact on the situation in one, and in another city (Upper Salda and Nizhny Tagil — Ed.) ", — Said Mišarin.

He also noted that the regional budget revenues from the creation of the Middle Urals SEZ to 2030 will amount to 170 billion rubles.

More than 20 companies have already expressed interest in participating in the project to build the Sverdlovsk region a special economic zone (SEZ) "Titanium Valley", and five companies have already signed an agreement with the authorities of the Sverdlovsk. This company ARVI, investment company SR Systematics Group GmbH, JSC "Scientific and Production Enterprise" Mashprom "United Aircraft Corporation and the German machine tool builder MAG.

"VSMPO-Avisma" — an integrated manufacturing company, produces titanium products, designed primarily for the aerospace industry. Almost 80% of production is exported.

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