TMB-2 successfully tested

Multi Purpose Vehicle TMV-2 successfully withstood the performance tests. Opportunities traction unit cars produced by Uralvagonzavod checked under the existing depot.

Testing ground was the "Carriage Repair Company 3" in the city of Kurgan. Representatives of the "CRC-3" on the results of tests appreciated the unique unit of production Uralvagonzavod.

On a par with the shunting locomotive TMB-2 rail cars moved along the rails, platforms, tanks. This automatic couplers used both devices arranged at the front and rear portions of the module. During the test, the TMB-2 broke its own record. If the developers have stated on the machine the ability to move 15 empty freight wagons, in the Kurgan depot thrust module delivered to the repair up to 22 pieces of rolling stock. Move over smooth surfaces and sloped. In addition, the car was used as a tug for heavy trucks stuck in the snow.

Shared his impressions of the trial, Chief Engineer of "RMC-3" in Kurgan Sergey Lukin:

— When I was in Nizhny Tagil in the presentation module, then reacted skeptically to this machine. We have signed an agreement with Uralvagonzavod on performance tests. In January, the module came to the mound, he worked at the depot for nearly two weeks, and my attitude changed. TMB-2 repeatedly rescued us. In the days when the only locomotive left the station or repair, the work carried out at the depot module. And he did it.

In the near future TMB-2 will go to work in the JSC "Chelyabinsk Mining Administration." If the machine miners like it, they will be able to redeem it.

All recommendations will be considered by designers operators. Today Uralvagonzavod is preparing for the release of the production of 50 units of TMB-2. Production capacity will be deployed in the shop general assembly. To work plan to start in April.

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