TMK has mastered the production of tubing insulated steel superhrom

Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), one of the world's largest manufacturers of tubular products for the oil and gas industry, has shipped the first test batch insulated tubings (TLT) of steel 13CrS (superhrom) for use in the Bovanenkovskoye Gazprom gas condensate field located on the Yamal Peninsula. The lot size was about 500 meters of TLT.

TLT — tubes with high insulation properties, intended for use as the upper section of tubing for oil and gas fields in the Far North. Construction TLB design team is formed by two tubes, one of which is placed in another. In the shell side of the screen is multi-layered insulation and creates a deep vacuum to reduce heat loss. This allows you to provide the necessary thermal characteristics and to prevent the thawing of permafrost around the well, which can lead to distortion of its trunk.  

Production TLT for the first time in Russia were spent in 2011 on Sinarsky Pipe Plant (SinTZ) included in TMK, under the program of scientific and technical cooperation between Gazprom and TMK 2012-2015. Active participation in the project took professionals specialized institute RosNITI, "TMK-Premium Service" and "VNIIGAZ". The first experimental batch of TLT was shipped to Gazprom for use on Bovanenkovskoye field in early 2012, where he successfully passed the test and the descent into the well.

In the first quarter of 2012 to SinTZ work began on the development of release of stali13CrS TLT, which is characterized by high rates of resistance to aggressive media. Part of the manufacturing operations were carried out in cooperation with the company TMK-INOX. Descent of new products in the well Bovanenkovskoye field will be accompanied by experts of "TMK-Premium Service".

"The use of TLT on deposit in the Far North can significantly increase the energy efficiency of development wells, improve safety and environmental production and life of the wells. Development, implementation in the production and release of the TLT are superhrom are a prime example of import substitution. Previously, these products are supplied exclusively from abroad. Currently TMK — the only Russian company that has the technology of steel production TLT superhrom "- said General Director of Alexander Shiryaev.

TMK has mastered the production of tubing insulated steel superhrom (211.38 KB, pdf)

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