TMKB Union has opened research on aircraft engines RD-2500

According to the news agency "Interfax-AVN," Tushino Machine Building Design Bureau "Union" has started the research on the creation of an aircraft engine thrust of 2500 kg. "Earlier this year, the Ministry of Industry and Trade has announced an open tender for research" complete calculation of aircraft engine RD-2500 with a maximum thrust of 2500 kg. "The winner of this contest was TMKB" Union "- said the agency a source in the military-industrial complex.

According to him, the funding of research is the Ministry of Industry of the Russian Federation. "Money is allocated enough" — said the source.

The RD-1700 (c) of "Enterprise" Temp "to them. F. Korotkov"

 "End of research and reach the stage of development work is planned in two or three years, then start the engine bench testing" — said agentstva.On reported that RD-2500 will be created on the basis of the gas generator aircraft engine RD-1700, on the basis of it was planned to create a family of aircraft engine thrust up to 4000 kg.

"RD-2500 will be widely used in business aviation. Moreover, it can be used for installation on the average impact" drones "to work on the creation of which is now underway," — said the source.

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